That special lady in your life if expecting! YAY! Whether it be your Best Friend, Sister, Cousin or Next Door neighbour, we all want to make that lovely Mum-To-Be feel special and thought about during those gruelling 9 months. And they are gruelling; I should know. I’ve done it 3 times!

Being pregnant is an amazing experience and I received some wonderful gifts – and some not so great ones too!

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So Here’s My Guide to The Top 7 Gifts to Get Expectant Mums That They’ll
Really Love!

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  1. A Gift Subscription
  2. A Personalised Journal
  3. A Bath Caddy
  4. Teething Jewellery
  5. Gift a Pregnancy memory
  6. Pregnancy Massage or Spa Day
  7. Mum-To-Be Beauty Treatment

1. A Gift Subscription

 Firstly, you know over the next 9 months she is going to be thinking about one thing only. Baby! Oh yes. And who can blame her? Pregnancy, birth and having a child is an amazing experience, at the same time it’s an all consuming one. Suddenly she has no time to worry about treating herself; everything is going into preparing for the arrival of that bundle of joy. Therefore a gift subscription is the perfect gift that keeps on giving. Each month she’ll receive a surprise in the post which I know she will love, especially during those tough times of morning sickness, heartburn and troubled sleep!

There are so many wonderful subscription boxes available to suit every type of Mum-To-Be. Whether she’s a beauty junkie, a book lover or perhaps she really loves her snacks you are bound the find the right one!

Here are some of my favourites.

Look fantastic beauty box Great gift for mum-to-be

Look Fantastic offer great 3, 6 or 12 month subscription plan. Each month she’ll receive 6 beauty treats from top brands to test out.

All subscriptions are either £14.50 a month or cheaper, so its a great budget option. Plus she’ll also receive a Free Keratase Shampoo with first order!

Delivery Cost? FREE DELIVERY

Monthly, One off Payment or Gift Card? Monthly for 3, 6, 12 month plans OR You can purchase a 6 or 12 month gift card instead, but that does require one off total payment instead of the monthly option.

Automatic Renewal? Yes, if you don’t chose the gift card option. On the monthly option, at the end of your chosen subscription period, it auto-renews for the same length subscription.

Hotel Chocolat Tasting club subscription for mum-to-be

Hotel Chocolat offer 3 Month tasting club subscription £60, 6 months £110, 12 months £195. The boxes include chocolates made with exclusive recipes just for members. Your lucky lady can chose what flavours or type of box she would prefer delivered and each month is different!

Delivery Cost? Included

Monthly or One off Payment? One Off if you chose the Gift Option or Rolling Monthly option is available for £22.95 a month

Automatic Renewal? No for Gift Option. Monthly carries on until you cancel

Birchbox March beauty box for mum-to-be

Birchbox are another great option, especially if you’re on a budget. It’s Under £40 for 3 month gift subscription plus they have extra offers depending on whether you Subscribe or purchase a gift card. Currently they’re offering a free beauty bundle with gift card or, if you subscribe in March, you’ll receive a Lottie London eyeshadow palette with your first order.

Delivery Cost? Included with gift card, £2.95 per box with subscription. Free delivery on first box with 6 month subscription.

Monthly, One off Payment or Gift Card? Monthly, no contract, cancel anytime. 6 Month or 12 Month Subscription one off payments (£74.95 and £145.40 respectively.)

Automatic Renewal? Yes, if you don’t chose the gift card option. On the monthly option, at the end of your chosen subscription period, it auto-renews for the same length subscription.

2. A Personalised Mum-To-Be Journal

Baby books and pregnancy books are great and all, but lets face it, is your lovely lady going to remember to fill in exactly when she felt those first flutters on the exact page? Especially as she is having to juggle remembering midwife appointments, scan dates, maternity leave information and everything else that goes on during pregnancy. The likelihood is that the lovely pregnancy journal you got her will get stashed away with everything else and re-appear at about the 8 month mark. By that time, everything will have been forgotten and the little bundle will be imminent. Instead treat the mum-to-be to a lovely Personalised Journal so she can fill it in with her thoughts, photos, sketches – whatever she wants, when she wants! And she can continue adding to it after baby is born.

Pregnancy journal with baby scan for mum-to-be.

I love this one from Not On The Highstreet, created by Posh Totty Designs Creates. I think that the Matte cover with Gold foil lettering looks and feels luxurious. If somebody had bought me one of these during my pregnancies, I would’ve truly loved writing my thoughts down in it!

Available in 4 colours, with up to 4 lines of text, I’d say these are a bargain at £14.95!

3. A Luxury Bath Caddy

I asked for a bath caddy for Christmas and my darling other half delivered. It really has made a massive difference to bath time for me, which is one of the only fragments of peace and quiet I get. With 3 children under 5, having the chance to read my book or catch up on vlogs I follow is especially hard – I can barely do a wee in peace! Everything you need is right in front of you – including a glass of wine, or a mocktail if you’re not a big drinker! I often take my coffee up with me in the morning; at least then I can drink it while it’s still hot!

Your Mum-To-Be will love this thoughtful gift which won’t just benefit her as she grows but after her little one starts running around too!

Amazon Bath Caddy for mum-to-be with wine, phone and accessories

One of my favourites, for instance, is this one on Amazon by Blooming Lily. It’s available in either dark or light wood, is extendable to fit most baths, is slip resistant and has two detachable side trays. Blooming Lily also offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee – no questions asked! So if it’s not perfect for your Mum-To-Be it can easily be returned.

4. Mum-To-Be Teething Jewellery

I treated myself to a silicone teething necklace (eventually!) about 6 months after my youngest was born. She’s the only one of my 3 that I’ve breastfed successfully (we’ve just past 9 months woohoo!). When she was tiny it was lovely as she would just lay in my arms and feed. However, as she’s got bigger and figured out how her hands work, my boobs and chest have suffered! Pinching, squeezing, scratching – I’ve had it all! But this little beauty helps to distract and give her something to grab during a feed. Above all, as its silicone it’s also perfect for when baby is teething. It’s soft enough to chew while still giving them pressure relief.

You can also find teething bracelets and other jewellery that I’m sure your Mum-To-Be will love and feel stylish wearing.

Mum-to-be fashion and teething necklace

This is my own Teething Necklace and I blooming love it! Due to the fact they’re handmade, every one is unique. Therefore, they can be made in pretty much any colour or style your Mum-To-Be would like. I went for neutral colours based on the palette for my wardrobe. That way I could wear it with everything I own and it wouldn’t clash.

These options on Not On The High Street are lovely. Etsy is also a great place, full of independent Makers so make sure to check that out too!

5. Gift a Pregnancy Memory

I think it’s wonderful now that parents to be have such a vast array of options to remember those precious, but short, 9 months before baby arrives. Previously, older generations didn’t even get to enjoy a normal scan. Parents of today can experience detailed 3D scans which can be put on dvd to watch back. Likewise they can have recordings of baby’s heart beat saved forever. Mum-To-Be can even have a cast of her bump made, which she can later decorate to keep or use in newborn photography shoots. This would be an incredibly thoughtful and cherished gift in my opinion.

Just search 3D scan, Bump Cast or Pregnancy Photoshoot in google with your location. Numerous providers will pop up giving you plenty of options to chose from. 

Mum-to-Be pregnancy photoshoot. Pregnancy woman in background with baby boots in foreground.

6.  Pregnancy Massage or Spa Day for Mum-To-Be*

She’s tired. She’s massive (obviously don’t say that to her face!) Her backs killing and her ankles are swollen. I would never have paid for one myself but I know, while pregnant, a massage and spa day would’ve certainly gone down a real treat. Allowing me time to get away from life for a few hours, relax and recuperate. To be spoiled for a while and given the chance to reflect on the amazing thing my body was doing. As well as this, taking a minute to contemplate the great adventure laid out in front of me, would’ve been really wonderful. You know your Mum-To-Be will love it too!

*If you’re booking a massage or spa day for your lady, make sure she checks with her doctor or midwife before she attends.

Spa image with handmade soaps, a white towel and women basket. Accented with pink flowers.

7. Mum-To-Be Beauty Treatment

Following a bit of a theme! Finally, when was the last time your Mum-To-Be got her hair done? I think I had my haircut once while I was pregnant! Definitely not enough, especially as women don’t shed hair as much during pregnancy. Treating her to a blow-dry or a trim will make her feel appreciated and human! As well as this, why not add on a manicure or pedicure. During my pregnancy, my nails were in the best condition they’d ever been before. However I never got round to having them done. I just couldn’t justify spending money on myself. With this in mind, spoil her and book that special treat! She will consequently feel refreshed and beautiful, just like you know she is!

If she’s not up for a manicure or pedicure, why not stock her up on some beauty favourites? I love The Body Shop for Expectant Mums as their products are ethical as well as containing amazing ingredients and formula. Have a nose at my Body Shop Favourites and see what you think!

Whatever gift you chose to give I’m sure your pregnant friend or relative will love it! What do you wish you’d been gifted during pregnancy?

Let me Know in The Comments?