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Drunk Elephant is the new kid on the block in UK skincare. Long awaited, this all clean brand has been coveted by skincare addicts across the nation for a fair while. We watched enviously as our chums across the pond indulged and raved in all that Drunk Elephant had to offer; we’ve been bidding our time til we too could enjoy beautiful packaging and wonderful products.

PINTEREST Drunk Elephant New Slaai Makeup-Melting Butter Cleanser Image

I will admit I was pulled into the Drunk Elephant ‘Hype’ just before they launched in the UK Last Year. You can find Drunk Elephant available at Cult Beauty and Space NK only! I’m a very visual buyer and their stunning, air tight packaging speaks to me. I’m also a bit of a collector and loved all the Drunk Elephant ‘Shelfies’ I was vying over on Instagram. Alas, after a bit of a hiccup over pricey and bad social media relations (plus a bad bargain buy from TK Maxx containing expired C-Firma *Cries*), I have waited until now to bite the bullet and jump on the Drunk Elephant Train.

What’s Special About Drunk Elephant?

Drunk Elephant Display in Space NK

The Drunk Elephant Philosophy is one which sounds amazing on paper; everything we really want from a skincare brand. Their entire product line is free from what they call the ‘Suspicious 6’ (Essential Oils, Drying Alcohols, Silicones, Chemical Screens, Fragrance/Dyes and SLS). These ingredients, they claim, can be linked to all skin problems and irritations. While I can understand the ethos, the appeal of clean skincare and the benefits to those who can’t use those ingredients, at times I feel they come on strong with the ‘Suspicious 6’ stance. I’ve seen instances on their social media where Drunk Elephant products simply haven’t worked for people. In response Drunk Elephant were very dismissive; the customer MUST be using something with the ‘Suspicious 6’ in!

Drunk Elephants Littles Set 3.0

The recommendation from Drunk Elephant is to ‘only’ use their products, to go bare faced instead of wearing make up and to remove anything from your life/regime/the world!? (ok, I’m over exaggerating there but you feel me!) which has the ‘Suspicious 6’ in. While I can understand their view and respect the passion for the products, I feel that this is overkill and simply not practical. Even with perfect skin, some people will still be inclined to wear make up. I personally will still use my current range of products, which work for me and I enjoy, along side my Drunk Elephant purchases.

New Additions to Drunk Elephant

Its clear that Drunk Elephant established a fantastic line of products right from the off, and stuck with them until the last few months. However they have finally added two longed for items to their repertoire.

Drunk Elephants A-Possini Retinol Cream

First, the A-Possini Retinol Cream. Retional boost skin cell production and turn over to shed dead cells quicker, meaning reduced signs of ageing, improved acne and all sorts of good stuff! However, it can be a little intimidating if you’re unacquainted as used incorrectly can result in irritation, peeling, tightness and discomfort. If you already use Retinol and know it well, this could be a good step up for you. If you’ve never used Retinol, start off with something gentle such as Pixi Retinol Tonic, Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil or Indeed Labs Retinol Reface.

Drunk Elephants New Slaai Makeup-Melting Butter Cleanser on display plus the Bamboo Booster Exfoliant

Secondly, the reason we’re all here, they have finally released a balm cleanser. Praise the Skincare Gods! As they say, if you shout loud enough the big guns will listen, and boy have they. When you consider the Drunk Elephant Philosophy of the Suspicious 6, the fact that they’ve always disagreed with the idea of double cleansing and their stance that every Drunk Elephant user should always be bare faced, the idea of bringing out a ‘Makeup Melting Butter Cleanser’ seems a little contradictory. But who am I to complain! Let’s just be glad it’s here!

So What Do We Think?

I’m gonna say it. I’m pretty impressed. And when it comes to balm cleansers, in particular, I’m a hard sell. I’ve been using The Body Shops Camomile Cleansing Butter for years and its a holy grail product of mine (You can read more about my favourite Body Shop Products here). The lack of this being currently available is actually what lead to me ordering the Drunk Elephant Slaai. I was in desperate need of a balm cleanser after being without one for over a month. I’d been putting up with The Body Shop’s Cleansing oil but find it far too sloppy and messy. Plus the packaging CONSTANTLY leaks. Sort it out Body Shop!

Anyhoo along came a lovely email from Cult Beauty reminding me that this had launched plus there was a cheeky 15% off 😉 Off I toddled and 2 days later it arrived by courier, straight to my awaiting hands.

The packaging is truly impressive. Weighty but comfortable. Solid but with slight give. The screw grooves on the edge of the pot are nice and wide meaning you can’t struggle to do this up, and the matte plastic is nice to grip – especially important when using an oil cleanser. I love the magnetic spatula on top as well. During my consultant days, spatulas were a must to prevent cross contamination of products and people! Nobody wants to be testing out something everyone has had their fingers in (one reason I won’t try lippy on in the shop!!).

If you like using a spatula at home the fact you can just pop it back on top is a godsend! If you’re more of a dig your fingers in kinda gal, then I’ve probably just spent a paragraph speaking drivel!

Practical Vs. Enjoyable

Now, as I’ve found with other Drunk Elephant products, they seem to be more about what they can DO rather than how enjoyable they are. The Slaai Butter cleanser looks a bit like lard. It smells a bit like lard. It most definitely is not lard!

Infact, looks can be deceiving as it actually contains a beautiful oil already well loved in the Drunk Elephant Family – Marula Oil. Highly effective at treating dry skin, Marula Oil can also help prevent numerous skin conditions that many of us suffer with; psoriasis, eczema and acne be gone!

Elephants 'Drunk', rolling on the floor, after eating Marula Fruit which them Fements in their stomachs.
Interesting Fact: The Name Drunk Elephant comes from the myth that elephants love to eat the fruit that has fallen from Marula trees. Once eaten, fermations occurs inside their very large tummies and the elephants become drunk!

For first use, I applied it straight to my bare face as it was a no make up day. It melted smoothly and evenly across my skin which was lovely. I was expecting it to have a thick hard to work with consistency. Instead I was very pleasantly surprised. My skin felt smoother and cleaner than usual. I also found the rest of that evenings products applied much better too. My skin was left smoother and less oily than usual. Winning!

Second time round I emulsified (added water to create a milk like texture) and experienced just as good results. My skin felt lovely and clean after with no oily residue. My other skincare products absorbed better and overall my skin felt smoother. I have a feeling that this may become a staple in my skincare regime in the future.

The Final Verdict

This cleanser ticks pretty much every box. Its got lovely texture, a little goes a long way, it cleans the skin and removes make up plus can be used as an exfoliant. The formula is spot on making it suitable for all skin types and most skin conditions. The only sticking point for some could be the price at £29. Comparatively though,on the market this is pretty mid range when compared with the likes of Sunday Riley’s Blue Moon or Emma Hardies Moringa Cleansing Balm. There are also cheaper alternatives such as The Body Shops Camomile Cleansing Butter.

Despite the price, I’m glad I’ve finally invested in some Drunk Elephant. I plan on getting the Littles 3.0 Set next as its an easy way to try all of the Drunk Elephant range first. To save some money & still indulge in this little luxury, try signing up to emails from Cult Beauty and Space NK; that way you’ll be alerted first to sales & discounts!

Have You Tried The New Slaai Makeup-Melting Butter Cleanser? Are you a Drunk Elephant Addict or a complete novice? Let me know in the comments!