Everything You Need To Know About Mindfulness

Mindfulness is more than sitting quietly and relaxed. It is about being present, appreciating the moment and doing things with purpose. So many times we let thoughts come into our head. We consequently mull them over, trying to work them out, subconsciously labelling them as good or bad thoughts.


The Essential Self-Care Guide

In an age where anxiety, stress and mental health issues aren’t being dealt with as effectively as they should be, We need to start taking a more active role in our own Self-care. Learning and regularly practicing self-care can not only reduce stress levels and create a mental balance, it will help you feel healthier, connect better to those around you and really appreciate those special moments. Ultimately contentment with self is the goal in my opinion.

Picture of upcycled welsh dresser, painted with cream chalk paint.
House & Home

Upcycling With Chalk Paint & My 4 Top Tips

I was about 7 months pregnant and chalk paint was all the rage! How easy it is to change, improve and refresh your tired furniture! No need to sand or prep, just paint! I was sold. I mean if all I had to do was paint it then get me a tin now! But first I had to find the perfect welsh dresser that I had envisioned in my head!


7 Amazing Gifts Your Mum-To-Be will Love

Pregnancy, birth and having a child is an amazing experience, at the same time it’s an all consuming one. Suddenly she has no time to worry about treating herself; everything is going into preparing for the arrival of that bundle of joy.

Hollandaise Sauce Ingredients on a marble surface
Food & Drink

Perfect Homemade Hollandaise Sauce

I had ‘The Fear” that we all get attempting anything new. It’s unknown; there’s so much that could go wrong; what if its terrible? But one day I fancied Eggs Benedict for lunch and decided I’d bite the bullet and give it a go.