Beauty Indulgence and Pampering

I’m a busy Mum of three, which often leads to a lot of rushing around & stress. One of my small joys in life is allowing myself, what i call, some beauty indulgence.  I feel it’s really important to take the time to relax and recharge.  Everybody needs to take a bit of time for themselves whether it be reading a book, going to the gym, a good skincare routine or a nice bubble bath.

However, we often put these moments at the bottom of our To Do list. I’m championing to put them at the top!  My experience in beauty consultancy created a passion to empower women with the know-how choose & use the products best suited to them. With this in mind, I’ve compiled my knowledge and experience into posts about everything beauty! So sit back, relax and enjoy the read!

Of course, don’t forget to leave me some comments! Let me know what you enjoy & anything you’d like to see posted in the future.


The Body Shop Must Haves: Favourite Products 2019

It’s safe to say I truly love The Body Shop. I’ve had some amazing experiences working for them over the years including visiting Head Office in London and creating my own Shower Gel in the lab! Wow! What a day that was! Being a consultant gave me the chance to really get to grips with all the products. At the time, I got to