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Obviously food and drink are staples that we all need but to me its more than that. They are real enjoyments in my life.

I’ve been practicing some of my staple recipes. These are everyday, easy to master meals your whole family will enjoy. By giving it a go, not only have I learned new recipes and skills. I’ve got to enjoy great food too. For instance, I’ve included delicious pasta dishes and culinary dishes from around the world as well as sumptuous cakes & baked goods. There’s a wide variety to choose from.  I love the ease of the recipes, as they really can be made by anyone. They are some of my favourite foods and dishes I cook all the time, with the odd variation in there.

Above all, whether you’re a first time cook, a regular or you just want some new food and drink inspiration, you’ll find it somewhere within these pages. I’ve tried not to overcomplicate and instead make them as easy to follow as possible. My favourites have to be in the baking section. I’m constantly trying new ideas and recipes to expand my repertoire. My absolute go to bakes have to be Macaroons and Chocolate Brownies, which I normally bake late at night on a whim – they’re just so quick and easy!

Hollandaise Sauce Ingredients on a marble surface
Food & Drink

Perfect Homemade Hollandaise Sauce

I had ‘The Fear” that we all get attempting anything new. It’s unknown; there’s so much that could go wrong; what if its terrible? But one day I fancied Eggs Benedict for lunch and decided I’d bite the bullet and give it a go.

Food & Drink

Velouté Sauce For Beginners

Just as with the Béchamel, this Mother Sauce begins life as an unassuming combination of melted butter and flour – a roux. As liquid is added and mixed, it thickens creating the perfect base sauce for a number of recipes.

Food & Drink

The Perfect Béchamel Sauce Recipe

A good thing to remember with this (and all) of my recipes, is that they are a guide. When it comes to thickness and exact flavouring, the world is your oyster and personal preference is king. Want a slightly stronger flavour in your sauce, add a touch more of the herbs and seasoning to the milk when simmering. Need it thinner? Simply add a touch more milk.

Food & Drink

Homemade Lasagne: The Best You’ll Ever Have

We eat Italian food quite a lot, I think because it’s so easy to throw together and it can be really affordable. Spaghetti Bolognese always goes down well in our house as does Carbonara and Macaroni Cheese (Is that Italian? Or just pasta? who knows!). But by far, my absolute favourite has to be a really good, well layered, indulgent Lasagne.