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9 Easy Ways To Beat Lockdown Boredom

This Post Contains Affiliate links. What that means for you is that when you follow my link and purchase from the website, I’ll be paid a small commission, at no cost to you. For more Information see our privacy policy.

It feels mad to think we’ve been in a state of nationwide lockdown due to the outbreak of Covid19 for nearly 2 months. It’s meant we’ve all had to find ways to tackle and juggle this new, strange lifestyle. Working from home, homeschooling a KS1 child and managing two preschoolers has definitely led to me feeling overwhelmed at times.

Disclaimer: This Post Contains Affiliate links. What that means for you is that when you follow my link and purchase from the website, I’ll be paid a small commission, at no cost to you. Read my Privacy Policy for more info

By now, you might be struggling with ideas to keep you busy and sane, after all there’s only so much Netflix we can actually watch!

Worry not as you are totally not alone… even though you are.

You know what I mean!

As we keep hearing, we are all in this together.

Now is the perfect time to try something new, clear off your to do list and enjoy the freedom of days at home without restraint.

Yes you may still have to do some work from home, but lacking the ability to meet up with friends, eat out of just take a relaxed stroll round the supermarket may be leaving you tearing your hair out.

Though I’ve been practically living in my PJS and avoiding shops wherever possible, the coronavirus lockdown has actually led to me being more productive, organised and has let me focus more on my mindset!

Having all this ‘free’ time has also led to me doing lots more of the things I love! Things I think you’ll love to and that will help you beat lockdown boredom!

So here’s top ten coronavirus boredom busters!


We all have that Pinterest board filled to the rafters with new hobbies or hobby related posts. Normally that board sits (metaphorically) gathering dust.

Now is the perfect opportunity to open it back up and get hobby-ing!

Lockdown boredom buster knitting and crafts

Use lockdown to start something new or pick up an old hobby you haven’t had time to practice.

I’ve been writing more, baking, playing around with painting apps on my iPad. I’m also planning to give knitting another crack.

It may remind you of your nan but that’s exactly why I love it!

Hobby’s can have a huge impact on shifting your mindset in a more positive direction as well; it’s a chance to switch off from everything else.


I used to be rather adept at French (Merci beaucoup Madame Greening! ) but having not had an excuse to practice it in literally years, I’ve grown rusty.

Learning a language opens so many doors, not just for when your travelling but for potential career opportunities in the future to!

Lockdown Boredom Buster learn a new language

Mastering another language can also provide you with a huge sense of achievement.

With unlimited time on your hands right now while you wait out lockdown, take advantage and try out some of the numerous language learning apps available including (INSERT APP NAMES HERE)


Self care is my jam but I’m not gonna lie, even I’ve been struggling to maintain my own sense of self during lockdown. (If you’re new to self care check out my beginners guide!)

It’s all been a bit of a shock, going from a daily routine to basically no routine!

And I think we’ve all been there the last few weeks, however you will come out of it the other side.

Skincare face roller for lockdown

Take the time to figure out whats working for you and where you feel like you could benefit from a bit more self focus. (If you need a hand check out my self care quiz!)

Remember, self care isn’t selfish; it’s completely necessary, so you can throw out that mindset right now! You can’t keep other peoples cups full if yours is running on empty.

The main thing that has kick started my motivation and self care routine again was purchasing The Ultimate Productivity Bundle!

You can see just one section of the bundles products on shifting mindset.

I got Get 73 eBooks, eCourses, and printables on conquering your to-do list, reaching your goals, and freeing up more time with the Ultimate Productivity Bundle. 97% off. Click to Learn More!


I always recommend journaling to people who feel overwhelmed with life. It’s a fantastic practice that doesn’t take much time but has huge benefits attached to it, including improved mental health, gratitude and it can really shift your mindset to a more positive place.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a fancy ‘proper’ journal to hand. Grab a pretty notebook next time you go shopping and start putting pen to paper once a day. If you find yourself struggling with what to write check out my handy post on journal prompts.


Being stuck in the house during national lockdown may have left you feeling deflated, demotivated and as though you just can’t carry on with your exercise regime.

I felt that way.

Before lockdown happened, I was getting back in the gym, into a routine of cycle classes and lifting weights.

Needless to say I don’t have a spin bike in my living room to carry on where I left off.

So I’ve had to find new ways to workout!

App stores are full of exercise apps that will set you up with a personalised routine and daily workouts you can do right in your living room.

If not hit up youtube!

There are so many YouTubers sharing their expertise you’ll be spoiled for choice.

My go to exercises include yoga, HIIT classes, Pilates and Barre.

Don’t forget you can also go out once a day for exercise so why not give couch to 5k ago!


My bookshelf has been stuffed with books I’ve been meaning to read for ages! This has been one of my favourite effects of lockdown to be honest, the fact that I’ve finally had the time to sit and read!

So far I’ve been working my way through the Hannibal series – if you haven’t read them I HIGHLY recommend! You can find them here!

I’ve been loving the twists and turns in Thomas Harris’s books. They’ve become a series that I’m desperate to finish but that I don’t want to end.

However when I have read all 4 in the Hannibal Collection, I have plenty of other books on my shelf that have been gathering dust for far to long.

Next on my list is:

George Orwell’s Animal Farm

Gill Sims Why Mummy Series

John Green’s The Fault in Our stars

Suzanne Collins The Hunger Games
(psst! You can pre order her new book in the series HERE!)


We’ve already covered journalling but have you every thought about turning your hand to writing?

There’s so many different ways you can share the written word now from blogs (Just like mine!), self published ebooks or perhaps giving novel writing ago.

Whichever way you decide to put pen to paper, writing is a fantastic creative outlet, especially during a historic events such as this lockdown.

You could write a record of events or what lockdown has been like for you; something to share with future generations!

For me, there’s also something incredibly calming about sitting quietly and letting my fingers do the talking.


I get a real sense of satisfaction and relaxation when I’ve decluttered, organised and tidied my home.

a place for everything; everything in it’s place

It helps calm my anxiety, focus my mind and helps me find clarity when I’m feeling overwhelmed.

I live by two rules. The 6 month rule and Does it bring you joy?

If I haven’t worn or used something within the last 3-6 months, I ask myself does this thing bring me joy? Does it benefit me .

If the answer is no, out it goes.

Most of the things that go are fall into the ‘Stuff that I’ve kept just in case’ category, just as many of us do.

While you’re trying to make the most of lockdown, clear out that draw you’ve been putting off, reorganise your wardrobe and sort through the ‘Monica Cupboard’ (don’t pretend like you don’t have one!)


We’ve been working towards making the best of the space we have for ages, and learning a few handy tricks of the trade can go a long way to completely changing the feel of a room.

The height of a picture frame or distance a rug is from a wall can make a huge difference to the overall style and feel of any room.

I’m no interior design expert, but being stuck in lockdown has had me scouring Pinterest for ideas.

Try searching for Interior Design Tips, tricks or cheatsheets.

I’ve loved looking into the psychology of colour as well! The colour you decide to paint or accent your room can have a massive effect on your mood, so make sure you bare this in mind if you decide to redecorate.


I’ve been up and down with weight my whole life, but after my eldest was born I reached an all time high of nearly 19st!

There’s a picture of me from my cousins 21st birthday where I was so obviously overweight that it kicked my backside into gear.

I went on to lose GASP! 5 stone over the next 12 months!

2 children later and I’m almost back to where I started. I’ve been using the time lockdown has given me to refocus on eating mindfully and moving more.

I don’t believe in diets at all – I believe and encourage lifestyle changes.

Currently I’m following weight watchers as it helps to re-wire your brains understanding of portion control. (I’ll be sharing an opinion post on WW soon!)

Whatever works for you, whichever habit you want to change or improve whether it be drinking more water, losing weight, taking your medication regularly, you can start right now!


There are so many ideas here – and ideas within ideas.

You can have fun. You can be productive if you want to be.

There are plenty of fun, exciting things you can do to entertain not just you but kids too!

You can come out of this time with improved skills, new hobbies or perhaps just a more focused sense of self! Now’s the perfect time to check out The ULTIMATE Productivity Bundle I was talking about earlier! Click the image here to find out more!

As I said before, there is no right or wrong way to cope with lockdown. Whatever works for you is just fine.

As a great Headteacher has said recently, Your best is enough.

So keep doing your best and try to find some enjoyment in these tough times.

What have you been doing to tackle the boredom during Lockdown?
Let me know in the comments!


  1. I love the ideas in this post. I have been working at doing most of them already.

    My house had some major renovations that finished in February. We were due to get the carpets in to the new attic bedroom and then it was ready for us to move in. Of course this has been on hold so instead we have decorated both childrens rooms, done the hallways, the downstairs bathroom, had a good sort out and bought all the bits we want to finish all of these rooms off.

    We will hopefully come out of lockdown with the house we always wanted. There is no way we’d have got this far without this time.

    I am constantly trying to hold on to the positives.

    Thank you for sharing

    Claire x

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