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4 Podcasts That will Boost Your Positivity

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It’s probably only in the last 6-8 months that I’ve actually discovered the joy that is podcasts. I never really saw the buzz behind them before and had no desire to search out and listen. However, when Fearne Cotton launched her books Quiet & Calm last year, I searched out her podcast Happy Place and was hooked!

I loved how she talked about a sense of self you regain when you start paying more attention to looking after yourself.

I also LOVE getting a snippet into the lives of people I’ve seen on TV and heard on Radio for years – my favourite episodes have to be with Gok wan, Mary Berry and Dawn French but I still have lots more to listen to!

Podcasts & Self Care

I think the great thing for me with podcasts is that even when I’m on the go, I can be learning, inspiring or motivating myself. Yes, I could do that on my phone by reading or googling, but sometimes you just want and need to stop looking at a screen.

Instead when I’m walking back from the school run, if I’m out for a walk in the woods or sat eating my lunch, I’ll pop on a podcast. Shutting the world out and listening to vibrant, interesting people is fantastic.

It’s a perfect quick and easy self care practice you can start implementing straight away. Listen while you’re driving instead of the radio.

Pop a podcast on while you’re washing up. Switch off the TV in the evening and instead feel what other people are saying. I can’t express enough how much podcasts have boosted my positivity levels and aided in relaxation.

The more you feed your mind with positive thoughts, the more you can attract great things into your life.” 

Roy T. Bennett

I’ve compiled a list of my favourite podcasts to listen to when I’m feeling a bit meh. These podcasts will inspire you. They are relatable and informative while also being incredibly easy on the ear.

Podcasts To Listen To Right Now For a Positivity Boost


Fearne Cotton – Happy Place

I grew up watching Fearne Cotton on Children’s TV & have followed her career over the years. It was therefore one of the most comforting and familiar places to start looking when I was searching out Podcasts.

Fearne’s laid back approach, popping round peoples houses to have a cuppa and a chat, really resonates with me. You can hear how much she loves the people she chats to – especially when some of those people are life long friends and colleagues.

I think listening to her talk with all these amazing, successful people, hearing that they have struggles too, helps us be less critical of ourselves and more open to change.

Why not start off listening to one of my favourite episodes with Dawn French Here.

Or you can visit Fearne’s Website for a full catalogue of episodes. Also Available on Apple Podcasts & Spotify

When we forget to make sure we are doing okay, we can’t then give our best to the people we care about.

 Fearne Cotton, Happy: Finding joy in every day and letting go of perfectnce


Giovanna Fletcher – Happy Mum, Happy Baby

It took a while for me to discover the wonder that is Tom Fletcher’s Wife! But since first listening in after my youngest was born, overwhelmed by the struggle of 3 children and looking for some sense of solidarity and calm, I’ve been hooked!

Witty, relatable, funny, enchanting and with an amazing guest list from beauty powerhouses Caroline Hirons, Liz Earle and Nicola & Sam Chapman (Pixiwoo) to best bud Emma Willis, this podcast is not just for Mums.

I honestly think anyone could enjoy listening to it. There’s a lot in here to make you feel good about yourself and you’ll finish an episode feeling much happier than when you started.

Like a good book you can’t put down, you’ll be going back for more over and over again!

You can watch the podcasts on Youtube or on Giovanna’s website, or you can listen via Apple Podcasts or Spotify

There’s no point worrying until we know what we’re worrying about.

― Giovanna Fletcher, You’re the One That I Want


Sas Petherick – Courage & Spice: the podcast for humans with Self-doubt

There’s something about the New Zealand accent that is really comforting to me, so when I stumbled across Sas Petherick’s Podcast, Courage & Spice, I was immediately drawn in. Sas Petherick is an expert on self-doubt and prospering self belief.

Sas Petherick's Podcasts

Sas is incredibly open about the struggles she has had in her life and how those issues eventually led her into the world of personal coaching.

What I love is the balance she has between sharing her expertise and making you feel completely comfortable dealing with your own issues.

She’s positive, encouraging and uses all the latest research to her advantage, to help explain why you feel the way you do, and provide constructive ways to over come it.

You can find the podcasts on or on Sas’s website, or you can listen via Apple Podcasts or Spotify. I also highly recommend following her on Instagram. It’s a very warm, positive place to be.

Unconditional Self-Acceptance means that we fully and completely accept ourselves without conditions.

Sas Petherick – Courage & Spice – Episode 55: Unconditional Self-Acceptance


Self Care With The Mindful Tech Lab

I went through a few different podcasts before I found this one. I’m quite fussy when it comes to my listening ear. I’m sure they are all loved individually by all sorts of people but some just don’t tickle my fancy. Self Care with The Mindful Tech Lab does not fall into that category.

Seld Care with The Mindful Tech Lab Podcasts

Before you plug in and listen, I will warn you that sometimes the production quality is evident, with slight echos in the background and a minor feel of being scripted. However, the main reason I love this podcast is because it is a) super quick & accessible with episodes all under 10 minutes b) It’s absolutely jam packed with useful Self Care tips, tricks, advice and guidance.

These guys are experts at what they do. To quote their blurb they are ‘a husband and wife team of wellness technology entrepreneurs. Sarah-Kate is an Ivy League educated nurse practitioner who uses her unique experience from working with high stressed Wall Streeters on mental health in NYC to award winning actors on their diet and fitness in LA to bring you tips that work. Eric discusses the positive psychology techniques he uses to improve both his business and personal life.

The come away from these podcasts is that self care doesn’t have to be complicated, that there is plenty you can do to improve your wellbeing with ease.

With each episode being bitesized, it also means I have the opportunity to grab some self care knowledge and insight even if I’m strapped for time!

You can find the podcasts on Anchor, or you can listen via Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

You Don’t Have To Stick To Self Care Podcasts

So now you know the joy of podcasts, but there are so many more to be explored. Whether you’re listening to relate, for advice or toy educate yourself, there’s something out there for everyone. Next time you’re idly flicking through TV channels looking for something to watch, why not switch it off instead and tune into a podcast.

Which of my suggestions Podcasts takes your fancy? Or perhaps you have another favourite you listen to regularly.

Let me know in the comments! I love hearing from your all! Until next time.

I think the great thing for me with podcasts is that even when I'm on the go, I can be learning, inspiring or motivating myself. Yes, I could do that on my phone by reading or googling, but sometimes you just want and need to stop looking at a screen.


  1. I also love Happy Mum, Happy Baby! she’s such a laugh. Do you watch baby club too? My little one loves it!!

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