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5 Easy Lifestyle Changes You Can Make Today

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As I’m getting older and heading towards the end of my 20’s, I finally feel like I understand myself and life a bit better. Don’t get excited thinking I have all the answers, but when it comes to taking care of myself hell yes I got that down! I took ownership of my life and made some lifestyle changes which have massively benefited me.

Your 20’s are all about exploration and discovery so it’s fair to say that you’ve undoubtably picked up some bad habits along the way.

Not to worry! Whatever it is, now is the perfect time to kick it to the curb and improve your overall health and wellbeing by breaking those habits.

Here’s 5 Easy Lifestyle Changes You can make right now!

Start Your Day With Water

I made this change a while ago and it had a huge impact on how I felt after waking up.

I used to feel sluggish for hours, with regular IBS episodes not long after waking up.

It sounds ridiculously simple but honestly it has so many benefits. Starting your morning with 500ml of water will flush toxins from your body.

It will fire up your metabolism ready for the day. Obviously hydrates you after a busy nights sleep where the body has been repairing itself; it also aids brain function and can help you to eat less throughout the day.

It has to be one of the most beneficial, and simple, lifestyle changes that you can make!

Fun Fact

The amount of water on the planet today hasn’t changed since Earth was formed, millions of years ago. You’re water could even share similar molecules as water drank by dinosaurs!

Get Moving

We all know we need to *GASP!* exercise more, but somehow we never get around to it. It’s just one of those lifestyle changes we all have the intention of making but seem to never have the time to do.

Well if you’ve been flitting through my Self-Care posts you’ll ‘you first’. By prioritising yourself and making sure your cup stays filled, you’ll have more to give to everyone else.

Now when it comes to moving and exercising, often we’re put off by the idea of hours slaving away in the gym.

But it doesn’t have to be like that. You can move your body in all sorts of ways. The key is to break the habit of stagnation and excuses.

Move, Dance, Making it one of your favourite lifestyle changes this year.

Ways To Get Moving Without The Gym

  • Dance around your kitchen, living room or bedroom.
  • Walk to school, the shops or just around the block
  • Try a yoga app for quick routines
  • Got 15 minutes? Do quick circuit training. 30 seconds cardio, 1 minute weights. And repeat!
  • Blitz the room your in for 10 minutes. Set a timer and see how fast you can move to tidy up!
  • Take the dogs for a walk. No dog? Take the neighbours!
  • Do 10 star jumps before picking up your phone or opening social media.
  • Play TAG with your kids. Just this once let them run inside.

An early-morning walk is a blessing for the whole day.      

Adam Smith

Get Organised

It’s October now (at time of writing this) so it’s the perfect time to get a diary for next year and get organised! By filling in all those dates you forget now – birthdays, christenings, school holidays etc etc. – you’ll be less bungdown later on.

I like being organised, though it is a struggle at times – Mr.HIMA says I’m the most unorganised, organised person he’s ever met!

I quite often have lists of lists on the go, notifications and reminders dinging constantly. But it helps.

Having everything written down in black and white definitely helps! Because without it I just forget everything! I don’t know if it’s old age, do you get that to?

But that’s why now is when I start looking at diaries for the coming year. I like one which has everything I need in one place.

Throughout 2019, I’ve been playing around with Digital Planners & using the calendar on my phone, but there’s just something about a beautiful diary that fills me with joy! And don’t even get me started on planning accessories! Ohhhh!

Why should planning ahead be one of your lifestyle changes right now?

  • You’ll have less stress over the coming months
  • By filling in important dates now they can then be forgotten about until they pop up
  • You’ll have more time
  • You’ll know if you’re free when people want to arrange things with you
  • You can plan ahead – school dress up day? No problem! 3 birthdays in a row? Don’t break a sweat!

For Every Minute Spent Organising, An Hour is Earned.

Planner Recommendations For 2020

Daily CEO Of My Own Life Journal
This Pretty Planner is also right up my street, with lots of extra pages for organisation

Why not try saving paper & waste in 2020 and get a digital planner instead?

Prioritise Your Health

Yes you heard me! Earlier in 2019 I was diagnosed with an underachieve thyroid. I had absolutely no clue.

I was a bit tired and run down. There were aches and spasms which definitely weren’t there before. Plus, I was getting rather forgetful.

But I just put it down to getting older.

How many times have you brushed off how you were feeling as just getting older?

It’s time to be self aware and honest with yourself. Yes you are getting older which also means you need to start taking care of your health more.

Eat With Balance

It’s time to dump the junk food habit and instead start striving towards fresh, bright foods. A mix of textures, flavours and food groups to ensure you’re getting balance as well as flavour.

But it’s not just down to food. Taking vitamins and supplements are a key way to ensure you’re body is getting everything it needs.

I kid you not, I take about 10 supplements a day ( My favourites are from MyVitamins as they always have great offers! ) but I notice how much more sluggish and creaky I get if I miss a day or two.

A good place to start is with Vitamin D. We don’t get enough of it naturally from the sun because of our location on the globe, but this little beauty supports our bones and teeth, our immune system, our cardiovascular health and helps to regulate insulin levels, aiding prevention of diabetes!


Prioritising your health also means your mental health. Have you been feeling a bit overwhelmed and overstretched recently?

I think we all have, but in order to ensure you don’t collapse completely under the weight that is daily life, putting yourself first is key. Take a bit of time out and relax. Breath, go for a walk or maybe get a massage. Whatever it is to feel more balanced.

Lastly, go to all the appointments! Smear tests, blood tests, general health check ups. If you’re feeling a bit odd, go and see the doctor. If you’re teeth have been unusually sensitive recently, get to the dentist. Don’t wait. Just go.

Take Good Care Of Your Skin

Skincare Lifestyle Changes mean great products

It’s no secret that I love skincare! Along with Self-Care it’s a bit of a passion of mine.

As with everything in this article its time to wake up and realise that wearing make up to bed, and using wipes to remove it, isn’t going to do you any favours down the line.

Not only is our skin the first thing someone sees of us, its also our biggest organ and the most exposed to the elements.

It maintains us, contains us and regulates us in a way that is astounding really, when you think about it.

With that in mind, I quizzed some of the most knowledgeable skincare lovers in order to put together my some top skincare tips!

Top Tips for taking care of your skin before 30.

  • Use a warm flannel to remover cleanser, and most definitely don’t wash your face in the shower. It’s far to hot (Thank you, oh Caroline Hirons, for your wisdom!)
  • Introduce acid exfoliants (not as scary as they sound)
  • Add in a Hyaluronic Acid serum – one molecule of HA can hold up to 1000 times its weight in water! Incredible hydration for your skin.
  • Wear SPF EVERYDAY – yes even in winter. Yes even if you work in an office. Can you see daylight? Then sunlight is one your skin and you need SPF on.
  • Double Cleanse in the evenings – Make Up and SPF are designed to last & stay on your face. So do a first cleanse to remove. Then a second cleanse to ‘clean’.

What Lifestyle Changes Will You Be Making This Year?

And that’s a wrap! My top 5 easy Lifestyle Changes which can be made right now! The key thing to remember with any change in life is to implement it slowly, gradually, going at your own pace.

You don’t have to start all of them right away but pick one and commit to it. Once you’re confident its become a habit you don’t even have to think about, move onto the next.

Before long, You’ll be living you’re best life and embracing your 30’s like an old friend.

What changes to your lifestyle do you plan on making? Let me know in the comments as I’d love to find out!

he key thing to remember with any change in life is to implement it slowly, gradually, going at your own pace. You don't have to start all of them right away but pick one and commit to it.


    • Thanks!
      I know drinking water is hard. I find drinking plain chilled tap water easiest for me, but there’s lots of ways to up your water uptake. Add some squash or fruit, drink warm water with honey and lemon, whatever you enjoy!
      I also keep a filled water bottle with me when I’m out to refill 🙂

  1. You’ve got some great tips. I agree that taking the dogs (or the neighbour’s dogs) for a walk is a great way to get active. I call ours my furry personal trainers because they don’t let me slack off even on the days that I REALLY want to lol

    • Thanks so much! Yes 100%. My dogs definitely give me a run for my money and get me moving, even on days I really don’t want to!

  2. Great article Sam. I definitely feel sluggish without enough water and real food. Lately I’ve been drinking water from a spaghetti sauce jar because it’s glass, perfect size and has measurement lines. Hey it’s working for me! 🙂

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