Sam Gravener


7 Ways To Cope With Temper Tantrums

Never withhold love. Always Hug Your Children

Often, my youngest’s tantrums come when she can’t tell me what she wants, and is getting tired. These two things together cause frustration for her, which builds as I desperately show her everything on the shelf she’s pointing at to try and identify what she wants.

Self Care

63 Self Care Ideas to Get You Started

We more often than not neglect ourselves while tentatively caring for those around us. What we need can wait. Until later. Until tomorrow. Until… god knows when! This more often ends in the same result; a feeling of dull monotony of life swallowing us up.

Self Care

Self Care for Beginners

It should be pretty easy to define exactly what ‘Self-care’ is but the message has got confused some where to just taking long relaxing baths, treating ourselves to the things we want and ‘loving ourselves’.