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7 No-Brainer Benefits of a Digital Planner


For as long as I can remember I’ve been a planner nut! Organising my to dos, appointments and schedule on paper gave me a much craved sense of organisation and focus. Whether it was planning school assignments, a Christmas gift list or just my daily schedule, I was down for a good paper planner. But in the last year or so, with my life becoming even more chaotic and adding several extra balls to my juggling, I was started considering using a digital planner.

Finally I took the leap, switched and I’m in love!

Note: Since writing this post I’ve updated to the newer version of Laurel Studio Design Digital Planner and will be doing digital planner reviews of them both in the near future!

Using A Digital Planner

You’ve probably searched out digital planner reviews or come across some form of digital planner in the last few years. There are numerous ‘How to’ videos on youtube to create your own and so many options on Etsy to pick from.

Digital planners work in much the same way as a paper planner, except instead of sections to flip through, there are hyperlinks and contents lists.

Simply download your planner to an app such as GoodNotes or Notability and away you go! (I’ll be referencing GoodNotes throughout this article as that’s what I use)

Using a digital planner means complete customisability, easy editing and a supercharged organisation.

It took me a while to pick mine because I wanted a) it to cover all areas of my life from Monthly/weekly/daily planning to goal setting to habit and list tracking and b) I hadn’t used one before and was nervous.

Yes, even I get nervous about trying something new!

But for me these 7 practical reasons to switch made it an absolute no brainer! And boy am I glad I did.

1 . everything on everything

’Can I schedule a call with you next week?

Sure Just let me check… oh…

Happened to you? A client, teacher or friend wants to book some time with you but blast it, you’re trusty paper planner isn’t in your bag!

This has happened to me so many times I’ve lost count; and I’m rather forgetful dontcha know, so if I fail to note things down at the time they’re gone from my memory.

This was one of the big selling points of using a digital planner for me – having everything I need on everything I use.

GoodNotes is a multi platform app, meaning I can use it on my iPhone, iPad and MacBook. So regardless of where I am or what I’m doing I always have my digital planner with me!

Yes! no more missed opportunities!

2. space saving

I have so much stuff in my bag already (Thank you children!) that the time where I could easily accommodate a decent paper planner are long gone.

Back ache is not a good look for me! So the space saving aspect of a digital planner is a complete winner! All I need with me is my phone, which is, well, always with me!

3. time saving

The amount of time I save using a digital planner has been a huge boost to my productivity.

In the GoodNotes app, you can easily highlight, copy and paste repeated tasks, routines and appointments. Everything is right there, where I need it, when I need it!

Whats that? Your plans have changed! Put the tippex down! A simple edit and you’re back on track!

The search feature in GoodNotes also means finding exactly what you’re looking for takes seconds. No more rifling through pages and pages trying to find a specific note.

Just type in the search box and every reference to it will be brought up for you to quickly navigate to!


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4. a layout that works for you

The biggest obstacle to my planning domination in the last year or so was finding a planner that worked for me! I had one I loved back in 2018 but once I reached the end of the year and needed to replace it, I couldn’t find anything I loved as much.

Its what first led me to considering a digital planner. The fact that the layout, contents and usage is completely in your control just makes my brain do a happy dance!

Don’t get me wrong, it still took me a little while to pick one I Loved! In the end I went for this one from Laurel Studio Design. I was drawn the clean, organised look, the included pages and the bonus of 350+ stickers! It had everything I was looking for and more!

5. purse friendly

I used to buy a new planner at least once a year. Add in my post it note, sharpie and highlighter addiction plus my searched for the perfect pen and you’re soon looking at big bucks!

It was important to me that whichever planner I chose had some form of ‘stickers’ (these are PNG files which are easily copied and pasted into your planner as you would use post its or the like).

GoodNotes has pen options and highlighter capability built in which is awesome. I love that I can also add custom colours to match and co-ordinate with the stickers that came with my digital Planner.

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6. low carbon impact

There is literally no waste with a digital planner, as you would expect, which is really important to me.

As a family, we try to be purposefully conscious of our environmental footprint. We’ve switched to a predominantly vegetarian menu, try to cut down on packaging and reuse what we can where we can.

Suddenly my post-it love and pen addiction seems a bit counter productive.

This was a big sway for me in finally taking the leap to using a digital planner.

7. longevity

Years ago I had a Filofax. It was bright pink and I LOVED it!

I loved that at the end of the year could simply replace the inserts without having to replace a whole paper planner.

This was the final nail in the coffin for me. Yes yes yes!! Take all my money!

To be able to continue using a planner indefinitely is the fricking dream!

I can copy and paste pages as many times as I need them without ever running out too! There’s no worry about trying to find the same inserts next year that match the rest of my planner either, something that always plays on my mind when I find a paper planner of my dreams!

It’s also hugely beneficial when it comes to setting my goals. In my digital planner I have a specific Goal Setting section where I can add and track my goals. I love that Laurel Studio Designs has taken so much time creating these sections which are so detailed and supportive to achieving my goals!

Plus as with the monthly/weekly/daily pages in this one, each goal on the cover page is hyperlinked to the corresponding goal setting page. LOVE! It makes using a digital planner an absolute dream.

So Should You Make The Switch?

For me, switching to a digital planner was completely the right decision. I absolutely love sitting down and planning in it. The addition of reflection pages and planning space to achieve my goals fills me with planning joy too! Although it took me a while to chose the perfect one for me, once I did I’ve found using a digital planner to be an absolute breeze. For me the benefits far out way and negatives.

Have I completely discarded a physical planner? Well, keep an eye on my Instagram page to find out… (Oopps!…)

If you’re now considering your own digital planner & loved this post , make sure to share it on social media via the links below!


    • It varies month on month as I like to play around with different layouts but the thing I love most about my Laurel studio planner is the fact it has EVERYTHING from goal setting, routines and schedules, to creating my own note and organisation sections


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