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The Wellbeing Benefits Of Journaling That Will Change Your Perspective

Starting a daily journaling habit is something I recommend to all my readers and clients. The benefits of journaling each day are massive, especially when you consider you only need a few minutes to jot down your thoughts! However many people drop their habit in the first few days or weeks because of expectations of what journaling should be or the fear of know how to start writing!

Has Journaling always been easy for me? Heck no…

When I was a teenager I used to keep a diary where I would mostly write how much I loovveddd my lastest beau. But I’ve come a long way since I was 15 and so has my journaling experience.

These days I write to discover more about myself, my subconscious and unpick exactly why I do the things I do, or desire certain things in my life. I started journaling again on and off in the last year, dipping my toe in and out when the mood struck me.

I find I journal more when things are difficult or I have a problem I need to solve, but as well as that journaling helps me get crystal clear on my goals. It allows me to visualise my future successes and influence their achievement.

I’m no longer fumbling around in the dark, wondering why I reacted harshly to my kids for dropping crumbs or questioning if my big money goals are acheiveable.

Journaling gives me the confidence to go for the big things in life while remaining grounded and true to myself.

And it’s really not as difficult as you’ve made yourself believe it is. I fit it into my morning routine where I write down my daily gratitude, intention and answer a journal prompt.

There are so many easy ways to start journaling but really all it takes is a pen, paper and a commitment to write something each day. As with anything, your journaling experience will improve over time.

Awesome Wellbeing Benefits of Journaling

So let’s look at some of the benefits of journaling and just why you have to start practicing it daily! 

  • Health Benefits: Improves immune function, keeps your memory sharp, boosts mood and strengthens emotional functions. Check out the full article here.
  • Aids Improved Mental Health Manage anxiety, reduce stress and cope with depression by helping your prioritise problems, fears and concerns, track day to day symptoms and identify triggers as well as provide an opportunity for positive self-talk. Read the full article here.
  • Improve your productivity What you write, you learn, you control (in a manner of speaking) and are more likely to achieve. Read the full article here.
  • Grows your talents Improves your writing and creativity while also organising your thoughts. Read the full article here.
  • Self Care: Journaling as covers different areas of self care, meaning even if its the only thing you do for yourself all day, you’re ticking that self care checkbox!

The benefits of journaling extend beyond just getting your thoughts on paper. Journaling can allow desires you didn’t even know you had to surface, help you to discover more about who you are or practice gratitude in depth.

Journaling acts as an outlet for stress, frustration and a tool for massive self exploration and discovery.

However it can often be difficult for a beginner in journaling to know what to write or how to start a journaling practice. But as always, I’ve got your back and found 7 brilliant bloggers on the interweb who know a thing or two about journaling!

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7 Must Read Journaling How To Articles

the artisan life

Natasha knows it’s never too early to talk to your children about gratitude! Her fun kid’s gratitude journal and activity book makes starting a gratitude practice simple and provides great benefits of journaling to kids too!

pink fortitude

Holly understands that you want to be more grateful in life. She explains how keeping a gratitude journal (even with a bullet journal) is a great way to practice this on a daily basis. How to begin, what to write and all the benefits of journaling for gratitude can bring to your life!

Plus check out her 50 journal prompts to delve into self discovery and help you to start living your best life here.

the curious frugal

You’ve heard the benefits of journaling for self discovery and gratitude, but have you every considered how journaling can help you take better care of your money? Suchot provides easy, fun ideas to get your money organized and track your finances in your bullet journal!

healthy, happy, impactful

Going beyond gratitude, Jennifer discusses the different types and many marvelous benefits of journaling. She also gives some unique ideas for the type of journaling that may work for you.

kim unplugged

Abena focuses on benefits of journaling for first time moms in a time that can be overwhelming, confusing and brand new. She’s also put together 63 Journal prompts designed specially for first time moms!

the inspiration edit

Dannica has really pulled out the stops with these fabulous journal writing tips. If you want to feel the benefits of journaling and learn how to get started journaling, you won’t go wrong checking out her post.

diane alkier

Diane understands that sometimes we forget what makes us happy. Which is why she created this fun journal activity that will help you remember all those things that brings a smile to your face and embrace the benefits of journaling fully.

Whatever way you decide to journal, whether it be in a traditional diary or pretty notepad, a bullet journal, as a creative outlet or to organise your dreams & expenses, the benefits of journaling can’t be denied. I love it for self care, personal growth and for really connecting with myself. Just remember, there is no wrong way to journal!

Let me know in the comments if you journal already or if you’re about to start!


  1. After reading all those health benefits of journaling , I might start to include it more into my routine 😊 thank you so much for sharing this post.

  2. I love this! I agree there are so many benefits to journaling.🙂 I keep a journal too. Been writing in it since I was about 8 and I’m happy to say my journaling has actually improved as well from one word entries and just writing about the guys I like. But I would like to try doing it everyday and not just in and out when the mood strikes.

    • There really are! Thats amazing that you’ve been journaling for so long! Make sure to download my free 14 day guided journal to help you make it a daily habit!

  3. I effectively kept a journal for 17 weeks during lockdown. At first I recorded everything but that was so time consuming and tiring I switched to tracking the positives and challenges each day. I found it helped me to step back and see each day’s achievements as well as acknowledging the hard bits and moving on past them. Great article!

    • Absolutely amazing! And completely on point too! When there’s so much negativity around us right now, jotting down the small wins can be incredibly inspiring to reflect on! <3

  4. This is such a good post, and it’s so true – my mind is always a lot calmer when I remember to journal, and it’s a great way to help figure out and address underlying things that are troubling you. I definitely need to make more time to journal regularly!

  5. Great post!
    I’ve picked journaling back up this past year or so as well. It has been easier fitting it into my daily routine than I realized.
    I mostly journal to keep track of my goals and progress.
    Thanks for sharing!

  6. Journaling always helps me to feel better after I write a new entry. I usually do it after a bad day, but this is a good reminder to write down when you’re feeling good or even just in a reflective mood and need a reminder that things are okay. Thanks!

  7. My mom gifted my siblings and I a journal several Christmas’ back with a note from her and a list of ideas for journaling. It was such an amazing gift, and it really got me into journaling often. Although I do not write in it as much as I know I should, I am working on it. This post definitely makes me more motivated to keep it up and add it into my my night routine. Thanks for sharing!

  8. I started journaling during COVID. I changed from my free-form journal to a more guided journal where I add gratitude and things like that. IT really has helped.

  9. Thank you for sharing this post. I really enjoy journaling. I try to always keep several journals on hand.

  10. Journaling is something that seems to have become more popular. It’s interesting to see how many health benefits it has.

    • It is incredibly beneficial, especially for shifting your mindset, understanding mental blocks and working through difficult emotions

  11. I really enjoy journaling since then and until now, it serves as my tools to relax or calm myself most especially during my down times.

  12. I personally love journaling but find I never really sit down long enough to do it. Yet I find it to be so helpful in getting all my negative thought out.

    • I think there is this myth that journaling needs to be long and drawn out. It really doesn’t! It can literally be 5 minutes while you sip your morning coffee, writing your intention for the day, being grateful for something and journaling expectations or affirmations. It’s about finding the balance for you!

    • Journaling is the practice of writing down your thoughts, emotions, problems etc into a notepad (or journal) in order to reflect and help shift your mindset 🙂

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