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9 Easy Ways To Beat Lockdown Boredom

It feels mad to think we've been in a state of nationwide lockdown due to the outbreak of Covid19 for nearly 2 months. It's meant we’ve all had to find ways to tackle and juggle this new, strange lifestyle. Working from home, homeschooling a KS1 child and managing two preschoolers has definitely led ... READ the POST

3 Steps to Creating A Focused Self Care Routine

So you want more self care in your life! That’s great! But if you’re anything like me, you’re already juggling a to list as long as your arm and aren’t quite sure where self care fits into your day. This is where a self care routine (or several!) come into play. Having a focused, go to routine will ... READ the POST

10 Exciting Valentine’s Day Ideas for Parents

Being a parent is one of the greatest things I've ever done. My kids fill me with so much joy (and despair, at times!). But becoming a parent also changes the relationship you have with your partner. Suddenly, the focus shifts from the two of you, to all of you. That can make celebrating romantic ... READ the POST

An Open Letter To My Best Friend(s)

This letter came from the heart. I, like many, have had my fair share of friendships over the years. Each one has influenced the person I am today. I wrote this Open Letter for them, and for myself. To accept that life changes, and that's ok. That we can be different people, on different paths, but ... READ the POST

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