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How to Set Yourself Up For Success in 2020

I'm going to help you properly plan for success in 2020. Big promise I know, as it's a tough bag setting personal goals. But I believe that this really could be the year your achieve your goals - and I'm going to show you how! I took a good month or so off over Christmas. As so many people, I was ... READ the POST

Inspiring Women: Meet Cherrelle Slaney

As we go through life, we encounter all sorts of women and form all sorts of relationships. A few will become people whom we massively respect and admire. I'm lucky enough to have more than a few inspiring women and I felt it was time I sat down with them over a coffee and hashed out what makes them ... READ the POST

27 Unique Etsy Christmas Gifts Everyone Will Love!

Christmas is fast approaching. Oh yes, we're out of the woods on avoiding the 'C' word and can finally get excited - I’ve seen the Coca Cola advert so it's ON! But now comes the stress of finding a gift that your loved ones will be over joyed to receive, rather than a last minute disaster! I'm ... READ the POST

5 Easy Lifestyle Changes You Can Make Today

As I'm getting older and heading towards the end of my 20's, I finally feel like I understand myself and life a bit better. Don't get excited thinking I have all the answers, but when it comes to taking care of myself hell yes I got that down! I took ownership of my life and made some lifestyle ... READ the POST

he key thing to remember with any change in life is to implement it slowly, gradually, going at your own pace. You don't have to start all of them right away but pick one and commit to it.

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