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10 Sensational Habits that will Manifest a Life You Love

As a life coach, I love helping people achieve transformational change in their lives and mindset. Often when putting together a personal development plan ourselves, we forget about the importance habits have on creating a life we love.

Our days are made up of micro routines which compound on our mentality, productivity and wellbeing.

In his Book Atomic Habits James Clears explains how minuscule changes can grow into life-altering outcomes and providers the reader with a handful of simple life hacks.

I’ve teamed up with Kyra from Millennial Mindset to bring you 20 of our favourite transformational habits.

Make sure to check out her post on 10 Unbelievable Habits To Manifest Your Dream Life at the end of this post!

And so here’s my list of 10 Sensational Habits That Will Manifest a Life You Love

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Prioritise Your Health

I’m 29 this year and I am acutely aware of how my health has changed over the past 10 years. I wish I’d started focusing on creating a habitually healthy life style earlier.

Your 20’s is the ideal time to start caring for your health. Going to appointments, taking supplements (My favourites are from My Vitamins) exercising daily and eating healthy are the ideal habits to start now.

By making small changes to your lifestyle now your body and mind will thank you later.

Read more about easy lifestyle changes you can make here.

Daily Meditation

The older you get, the more things you’ll have to remember, prioritise and juggle.

It makes sense right? Our brains are fantastic engines for storing memories & thoughts but if you’re in overdrive, all those thoughts can start slipping out of storage and cluttering your daily thoughts.

Practicing daily meditation and mindfulness is one of the habits that has helped me the most to focus, gain clarity and take positive actions in creating a life I love.

And it isn’t as difficult as you may think. Try out Headspace or Calm for just a few minutes a day and you’ll be astounded at the positive effect it has on your daily life and mindset.

Embrace The Outdoors

I’m a Brit and it’s safe to say we don’t have the best weather in the world. It’s very unpredictable. (Literally, we had blazing sunshine last week – I bought new summer clothes and everything – and since then it’s done nothing but blow gails and rain. )

So creating habits that get us outside regularly can be off-putting

But it doesn’t have to be dreary and depressing.

The Nords have a saying that ‘There’s no bad weather, just bad clothing’ which I absolutely love! Click To Tweet

Since writing about Hygge last christmas, I’ve made sure we have suitable clothing for any weather so we can get out and enjoy the outdoors.

Getting outside isn’t just great for your physical health, it’s vital to your mental health to and is a fantastic self care practice!

Set daily intentions and affirmations

Do you know what you want to achieve each day?

Starting your morning by sitting calming

By setting your intention for the day and repeating it regularly you have a clear focus.

Daily Affirmations help your thought process and mindset therefore influencing your feelings and your actions.

Read more about Intention setting here and check out this quick guide to Using Intentions from Renee Amberg.

Visualisation – linked to vision board

If you’re already a fan of the Law of Attraction, The Secret and Manifestation, you might be familiar with Visualisation.

According to Kyra at Millennial Mindset ‘Visualisation involves using tools, such as a vision board or mindfulness, to visualise where you want to be at the end of the day or week. Visualisation can easily fool your mind.

But it’s more than just thinking about what you want to achieve in your life. The secret to creating life changing visualisation habits is to embrace how you want to feel and visually walk through your ideal life.

How/where will you wake up in the morning? What are your surroundings like? How will you feel? What will your day consist of?

By regularly practicing visualisation not only will you have a firm basis of what your goals are and what you’re working towards, you’ll begin to feel and live as though you already have it.

Read more about visualisation and manifesting your dream life here.

Make bedtime sacred

As technology has developed and we’ve grown accustomed to being digitally attached 24/7, the bedroom has lost its meaning to many people and we’ve created bad bedtime habits.

It’s become a multi-functioning space encompassing sleeping, Netflix binging, phone charging and storage.

At the end of the day, your brain needs to time to reset and rest. Our environment and evening rituals are vital to that.

By making both your space and bedtime routine sacred, you’ll feel more rested, switched on and productive during the day, leading you to create a life you really love.

Try these top tips to create your perfect rest recipe:

Declutter your room; removing unnecessary tech and distractions. Keep surfaces clear and organised. Put away washing as soon as you are able to rather than leave it to build up.

Make your bed every morning; this tiny habit can have a huge impact on how you feel getting up in the morning.

Switch off devices 2 hours before bed and create a dedicated, calming routine that really serves you.

Start an evening yoga practice. Take a relaxing self care focused bath. use a pillow spray for calming the mind. Read a book for half an hour or listen to a calming playlist.

Master Your Time Management

In my post about The Big Time Management Lie we all tell ourselves, I lifted the lid on the truth we’ve all been denying ourselves.

We have time to do the things we keep making excuses for; we put them off because subconsciously they aren’t priorities in our life or day.

As you edge through your 20’s, gaining more and more responsibilities, it’s vital that time management habits are prioritised and worked on regularly.

The first step is understanding exactly what we are currently doing with our time and how we should be using it productively instead.

With regular practice your time management habits will become more automated, creating a feeling of calm, productivity and achievement.

Set goals From a place of abundance

I love goal setting, had you noticed?

Setting goals is key to our personal development – after all, you wouldn’t start a journey if you didn’t know the destination or route to get there.

But the best habit for choosing your goals is to strive and want from a place of abundance.

I learnt this brilliant technique from the fabulous Brooke Castillo’s Podcast (Link).

Essentially for every goal you write down, follow it with a goal you’ve already achieved; something you want in your life that you already have.

For example:

I want to live in a spacious 4 bedroom house with a lovely garden
I want to have 3 healthy, happy children
I want to create a successful business that provides life changing results for women
I want to build a beautiful website and provide valuable content to my readers

Goal setting from a place of abundance shifts your mindset into a place of having rather than achieveing which can influence how successful you are reaching your goals!

Goal setting from a place of abundance shifts your mindset into a place of having rather than achieveing which can influence how successful you are reaching your goals! Click To Tweet

Practice Gratitude

Mindset plays possibly the biggest part of our lives and yet it is something which regularly gets ignored.

Life is never going to be 100% positive 100% of the time, but we can build our resilience by embodying gratitude; meaning when negative things do happen in our lives we are better prepared to cope with them.

Practicing gratitude, whether it be spoken daily in a mirror or written in a journal, can shift your mindset to a place of positivity.

This positive mindset will then help change your perspective of difficult situations as well as impacting your wellbeing and productivity.

Become the early bird

I am always more productive, aware and energised if I wake up with the sun.

My most productive mornings are when I rise between 4 and 5 AM which I can imagine is groan inducing to many of you.

But hear me out.

There are huge benefits to being an early riser. You get to enjoy the early morning birdsong and peace that comes with the rest of the house still being asleep.

You are better able to focus and plan your day as well as tick off some of those morning routine ‘wants’ such as a morning yoga practice or reading that book you’ve not had time for .

But how do you get from a place of wanting to lie in til lunchtime to jumping out of bed with the sunrise.

  1. Know how much sleep you need – don’t google it as everyone is different. Some do best on 6 hours while others need 12-14 hours sleep. Keep a sleep journal of time to bed, wake up time and daily mood. After a week you’ll be able to evaluate an estimate to get the best nights sleep you actually need.
  2. Start gradually shifting your sleep/wake times. Diving straight in to 4AM wake ups if you’ve been used to sleeping til 8AM is a recipe for disaster. Instead, to create a solid habit, every other day shift the time you sleep and wake back by half an hour.
  3. Reward yourself positively. Have something to really look forward to when you wake up. It may be a treat, an experience or a ritual you wouldn’t normally be able to fit into your day. Having a reward for your hard work will rewire your brain into associating early rising with good things, thus making the habit more likely to stick.

That’s A Wrap

We need habits in our life to function as they help us build automatic routines and all our brains to process more complex tasks. So by implementing any one of these habits into your daily life, you’ll gain more clarity and calm as well as a better sense of wellbeing.

Make sure to head over to Millennial Mindset to read the other half of this, Kyra’s 10 Unbelievable Habits to Manifest Your Dream Life


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