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Hello Day Planner: Smash Your Life And Self Care Goals


It’s that time of year again when we start looking forward to the next 12 months, although with the way 2020 has gone, I think we’ve all been a bit more desperate for 2021 to arrive.

If you haven’t achieved everything on your goals list this year, it may have been due to the COVID 19 disruption; or it may be because your planning system let you down.

Earlier this year, mid lockdown, I was looking for a way to organise my days and progress towards my goals. I’ve always loved a good planner but couldn’t find one that ticked all my boxes, until I stumbled across the Hello Day Planner.

It has transformed my productivity AND allowed me daily space to focus on self care – a must from any planning system. But is Hello Day right for you?

Pssst…. I have an exclusive offer for you as well… Keep reading to find out more!


Behind The Hello Day Planner

If the Hello Day Planner has been popping up on your social media, you might be wondering who Hello Day are and why everyone is raving about them.

After struggling to search out her perfect planner, Kirsten set out to design her own; a daily planner that would allow her to organise her to do list, track her goal process and importantly have a focus on wellbeing and self care.

Kirsten, creator of the Hello Day Planner

She launched Hello Day in 2017 with one product – the original Hello Day Planner – and since then has gone on to create numerous other, beautiful planners and accessories to encourage success and happiness.

Kirsten describes the Hello Day Planner as a companion rather than a distraction (per smartphones!) to life that helps you achieve your goals and reach your dreams.

My goal is that your planner helps you to start each day with positivity and purpose, and end each day with a sense of accomplishment and progress

– Kirsten, Hello Day

The Hello Day Planner really works for the SMART way of planning, starting with the big picture on the annual goal planning bi-fold at the front of the planner and gradually getting more detailed as you make use of your companion throughout the year.

Get Hello Day’s NEW Gold Foil Stickers FREE with any Hello Day Purchase using my exclusive code HELLOHIMA

This way of planning allows you to add reminders and general ‘to do’s’ as necessary to the cleverly designed daily pages (which are split into AM/PM/EVE to allow a more flexible structure to your day), whilst also focusing on the ‘big’ weekly and monthly tasks that take you once step closer to achieving your goals.

I purchased the Mid-Year planner and love it so much, I was tempted by the 2021 planner too – don’t worry folks, I restrained myself! The natural flow of planning and organisation really ticks my boxes.

But the thing I love most about Hello Day, and why I won’t be shopping anywhere else for my planning essentials, is their continuous focus on positivity and mindset.

From the moment my Hello Day Planner arrived I was in love with Hello Day as a brand. It is delivered in a beautiful presentation box, wrapped in stylish tissue paper with a Hand Signed note from Kirsten and numerous other notes on how to get the most out of your planner.

Throughout the planner itself are positive art pages by ‘Too Wordy’, daily affirmations for focus, self-praise, admiration, gratitude & weekly success as well as Monday Pep Talks and uplifting & inspiring quotes.

Included on each daily page are also lifestyle trackers for water intake, exercise and pray/meditation, a feature I adore. My forgetfulness can often see me losing track of how much I’ve drank or when I last took a moment to be still, reflect and ground myself.

There’s also the additional incentive to get those encouraging little circles coloured in before the end of the day and enjoy the sense of achievement that comes with their completion!

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446 Pages of Hello Day Planner Goodness

Kirsten really has thought of everything when it comes to the Hello Day Planner. They have all the standard pages you’d expect but it’s the clean layout that really works for the user, allowing complete personalisation and usability.

Kirsten is a woman after my own heart as there is more than enough space for note taking, jotting down thoughts and the monthly goal planning pages ensure that your dreams stay at the forefront of your mind.

Added benefits include pockets inside the front and back cover, useful for storing post its, the odd important letter or the co-ordinating Hello Day Notebook.

“Without leaps of imagination or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities. Dreaming, after all is a form of planning.” – Gloria Steinem Click To Tweet

In the 3 years since Kirsten launched the first Hello Day Planner, she has also expanded the range and variations available, so there is the perfect planner for every stylish woman looking to boost their productivity AND self care in 2021.

There’s also numerous co-ordinating products, that are obviously on my wishlist, which embody the style, sophistication and needs of the productive woman.

Topping my list though are the 2021 Wall Calendar, the Debonaire Hexagon Brass Pen, the Snug Elastic Bands for keeping everything ‘snug as a bug in a rug’, the Everyday Journal and New for 2021 the beautiful Gold Planner stickers – you can get these FREE with any order using my code HELLOHIMA.

A Quick Overview of The Hello Day Accessories

Kirsten also ensures that your Hello Day Planner can perfectly suit your lifestyle with numerous additional pages and co-ordinating phone backgrounds that are FREE to download, keep and print as often as needed. Want to add them into the planner itself? She’s even thought of a solution to that with the spiral planner clips.

Get Hello Day’s NEW Gold Foil Stickers FREE With Every Order Using Code HELLOHIMA.

Ok… But is there a downside to the Hello Day Planner?

I have used ALOT of planners in my life, starting right back in high school, and to me the Hello Day Planner really does tick every box going.

There could possibly be a few more note pages at the back, but Kirsten though of that and created co-ordinating notebooks which slip handily into the back and front covers.

My Hello Day wishlist is longer than my list to Santa! Click To Tweet

I’d love to see reusable spiral planner clips in the future, so I can add in and take out pages as I need without reaching for them and realising I’ve run out; but that really is a teeny personal preference that doesn’t outlay how beautiful and useful the Hello Day Planner is.

It’s a flexible, hardwearing, stylish and productive planner that will allow you to manage all ‘the things’ without getting overwhelmed – the key to balancing being productive AND practicing Self Care!

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Why Customers Love Their Hello Day Planner

Why Customers Love Their Hello Day Planner

I feel a kinship with these ladies as I am as obsessed with my Hello Day Planner as they are. Here’s some other thoughts from Hello Day customers, sharing their love for Kirsten’s amazing creation.

You can read all the reviews of the Hello Day Planner here.

Is The Hello Day Planner Right For You?

The Hello Day Planner is perfect for the stylish woman who needs a little help juggling and organising her responsibilities. It’s for people who want to ‘get things done’ in the words of Kirsten!

Have a man in your life who also has numerous tasks contend with? Hello Day have a solution to that with the new for 2020 Men’s Debonaire range. Wouldn’t this make a brilliant christmas gift for that gentleman in your life!

I could harp on about why I think the Hello Day Planner is perfect, but I think I’d rather let Kirsten do the talking.

Hello Day is for all of us who want to move forward in life, to continuously develop personally and professionally and feel in control of our lives. It’s for those of us who want to have a positive perspective and feel at peace with themselves and those around them. It’s for those who want to wake up each day with a sense of excitement and go to sleep each night with a sense of accomplishment. Maybe this is already you or maybe you want this to be you. I know I want this to be me, and whilst life can be challenging, Hello Day is designed to be our daily companion to help us stay on track, remind us of the things we want to achieve and the person we want to be.

– Kirsten, Hello Day

You can Order the New 2021 Hello Day Planner for £46 from the Hello Day Website. Shipping is slightly delayed (thanks Covid!) but the planners finally arrived today (yay!) leaving plenty of time to receive and unwrap your beautiful planner, prepped for the New Year!

The hardest decision you have to make now is which cover to get! Personally, Serene is tempting me.

The 2021 Hello Day Planner Collection


It’s a Hello From Me, For the Hello Day Planner

I bet you can guess by now what I’m about to say. If you purchase anything to help to become the organised Queen you want to be in 2021, it needs to be the Hello Day Planner. It is the perfect planner I was searching months for, offering solutions to everything I needed.

Will it give you more time in the day? Not quite, but it will allow you to streamline your life, lift the stress from your shoulders and oust overwhelm, all in a stylish package! Your BIG scary goals can become hugely achievable with the help of Hello Day and you can finally find the space for self care too!

Don’t forget! Get Hello Day’s NEW Gold Foil Reminder stickers for FREE with any purchase using the cold HELLOHIMA.

Which Hello Day Planner Are You Drolling Over?
Let me know in the comments!


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