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Inspiring Women: Meet Cherrelle Slaney


Me: Your own self care/self love has been a journey as well hasn’t it. You share quite openly now about the struggles you’ve had.

What made you decide to put it out there?

Cherrelle: It was a bit of a coping mechanism. Essentially our relationship fell apart and that was the pivotal point.

I know it sounds really dramatic, but that needed to happen. To be honest, I’m quite grateful that that happened, as it was either going to go one way or the other.

We either call it quits and we go our separate ways; or it was gonna be making a change and doing all the things we needed to do.

Actually, I found out a lot about the way I am, and the behaviours I present which come from things in my past.

Everything you experience shapes you so that has been a massive learning curve for me. And I’m still working it all out. I’ll get cross and not know why so I have to come away and really think about it.

My self care journey has been about being selfish. Not to the point where I’m gonna forsake everyone else I’ll add!

Sam: See you’re still doing it, you still feel like you need to justify prioritising yourself and that I think is one of the biggest challenges to overcome. Selfishness that we should allow ourselves. 

Cherrelle: Yeah, I’m doing this thing because I want to, regardless of anyone else’s opinion, and its vital to you not losing the plot. 

Sam: Do you find that in work as well. That you’ve become a bit more selfish in the time you spend on it and the direction its gone?

Cherrelle: Yeah. I sell online. I sell all over the UK & Europe.

But I’m hard on myself; whatever I do is not enough. I always want to push myself to the next thing.

When I first started, I would be over the moon if I made one sale a week and I really have to remind myself of that sometimes because now, I’ll go through a week and be like, ‘I only took 14 orders this week’. 

Sam: Which is amazing! That’s basically 2 orders a day.

Cherrelle: Yeah but I’ll be really hard on myself for that. I have to stop myself and say actually, look where you’ve come from, look at where you started.

I have to remind myself how I felt. Tell myself ‘When you got one order a week, that was a good week.

I’m always looking forward and you forgot how far you’ve come. And I forget that there are little pieces of me, essentially, all over the world.

Sam: We had a conversation the other night about me being no 10 fan, and you said ‘actually you’re probably no.2’.

Do you find that your support system don’t fully understand what you do?

Cherrelle: That is, entirely my own fault.

What I project out to those people is what they project back at me.

So people will ask me ‘ oh how’s your business?’ and I’m not a show off-y person so I tend to play it down completely instead of saying ‘actually, I’m really successful’.

It comes down to communication. I’m not communicating to the outside world that actually, I’m doing an alright job. What I put out is what people put back at me.

I think I didn’t take my business seriously for ages. I knew what I needed to do but just in case I failed, I didn’t take it seriously. 

What I project out To People, Is What They Project Back At Me.

Sam: Did you ever think it would get to the point where you would need to move house to accommodate your business?

Cherrelle:  People think, you live in a good sized 3 bed house. You’ve got you and 2 kids, that should be sufficient. And it is, if I didn’t run a business. We’re now looking for a 4 bed house so the kids don’t have to share. But people in our family don’t really appreciate that. They don’t realise the magnitude that this business has on our lives. 

But yeah, We kind of knew it was coming. Lew is a part of everything I do. I run everything by him; not because I need his permission but because I work alone, so I need someone to bounce ideas back at me. ‘This is my idea, what do you think?’ and often if he doesn’t agree with me I’m gonna do it anyway.  



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