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Inspiring Women: Meet Cherrelle Slaney


Sam: Now, moving away from the business, self love is a big area of what I focus on. You’ve been quite open, in the last couple of months about your body image (C Ha! Yeah! )and you’ve put yourself out there.

You haven’t always had a positive relationship with yourself have you?

Cherrelle: No…. I haven’t… Yeah. I think everybody has things about themselves we don’t like. 

We’ve grown up in a society where everybody’s always on a diet; everybody’s trying to be skinnier than the other person. 

We see perfect, polished women everywhere. You don’t see a woman on an advert, even selling cereal that doesn’t look beautiful and perfect and have all the make up on, and have beautiful hair. 

I’ve struggled over the years, even to be fair up to fairly recently, but my mindset has kind of changed. 

I’ve realised I’m no different to anybody else. We’ve all got lumps & bumps and stretch marks and spots on our face. You do have things that you don’t want to present to the world every day, but if you don’t and you tell the world that actually I’m normal just like you are, everybody ends up feeling inadquate. 

So I’m not afraid to share a picture of myself in a bikini. It’s not an issue for me. I just think If I can do that; if I can put that picture out there, someone who looks exactly the same as I do will go ‘ I look just like her, and she’s alright with it. Why am I not alright with it? Actually there’s nothing wrong with me’. Everybody has bits – its not a downfall of you to have those things. 

Sam: We are our biggest critics & Self Love is about accepting ourselves in a non judgemental way, the same as we love our children.

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We love our kids unconditionally. Do you feel like you’re still in that process of getting there with yourself? 

Cherrelle: To some degree. My biggest thing at the moment, A lot of what I seem to say on the self love subject – and MH falls into that as well – A lot of what I’m putting out there is ( the thing you’ll notice) Is not necessarily ‘I love about myself’.

The first step is self acceptance. I will openly write that I am an imperfect person who suffers with X Y Z. It’s not about going I love all of that.

The first step is saying ‘That’s who I am, and I’m ok with it.’ Instead of, this is who I am I need to change it. 

Sam: I think that a big struggle with women and mums in particular, there’s so many changes – physical, mental and environmental – that you feel like you’ve lost yourself and you try to get back to where you were.

But actually, being able to accept that and yes my life has changed and I’ve changed – its ok, because I’m in a different place & that’s going to bring different things to me as well. If you hadn’t had the kids for example, you might not have established your business and be where you are today. 


Sam: What’s your favourite way to focus on self care?

Cherrelle: sit on a couch, watch a film, have a cup of tea and eat a biscuit.

Sam: How do you prioritise self care in with being a Mum, a business owner & wife?

Cherrelle: Be strict with your time. Absolutely, set a time for kids. Set a time for work. Set a time for me time. And be strict. Oh and er… try to make time for your husband!

Sam: What’s your favourite thing about being a mum?

Cherrelle: Oh god… Oh that’s a really difficult question. I think, and this is personal for me, I think it’s the confidence that came with that.

I was dead sure my entire life that I wanted to have children, and as soon as I did I felt like I’d found a place for myself. The only I’ve never doubted myself on, is raising my kids. 

Sam: What’s your biggest struggle as a parent?

Cherrelle: All the things! Ha!.. My biggest struggle as a parent… erm.. it’s gotta be the guilt.

Sam: Is that something you didn’t expect to happen?

Cherrelle: Guilt over having a quick dinner, chicken nuggets, beans. I’ve come terms with taking out for myself these days.

The comparison of thinking ‘well mary down the road she’s got 5 kids and cooks them  wholesome dinner every night’.

I’ve got two and can’t seem to manage that. That’s the biggest struggle for me, learning to get over that now and not focus on everyone else. 

Sam: What are you most proud of about your business?

Cherrelle: That its still going! Ha! That I haven’t given up, because there have been plenty of times I’ve wanted to give up. 

Sam: If you met yourself 10 years ago, what 3 things would you tell yourself?


You’re Not Fat.

Stop Giving a Shit.

And, It will All Work Out.

Sam: I say that all the time.

It will be alright in the end; if it’s not alright, it’s simply not the end.

Funnily enough, that is where we left it. I honestly want to thank Cherrelle so much for being so open, honest and well, brilliant. We had an absolutely fantastic time doing this interview; and if you’ve made it this far I hope you’ve enjoyed reading it!

I’ve known Cherrelle for years and love her to pieces. She’s one of the most inspirational people in my life and I admire everything about her. I hope you love her too! Don’t forget to check her out on Social Media.

Remember in Cherrelle’s words: Just start the thing. Stop giving a shit. And we’ve all got wobbly bits.

You can find Cherrelle here on Facebook & Instagram.


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