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Katie alexander

Katie describes herself as a feminist and a fan girl, among other things! A Sociology graduate, she wanted to create a space when she could voice her experiences and opinions. She has a passion for sexual health and reproductive rights, something she focused her dissertation at university on. Her interest began after the sad loss of a baby her mother experienced in 2015.

Her blog doesn’t just cover those topics however. Katie users her space to discuss current affairs, lifestyle, health, entertainment and self care. She’s open, honest and thought provoking while showing compassion and empathy.

Throughout February and the Love Myself 2020 Challenge, Katie will be sharing guides to de-stressing, self love and her own personal mental health journey! Plus much more!

I’ll link all Katie’s post here as and when they are published! In the meantime, you can connect with her on Social Media!

week 2

feb 8 – 14

  • How to Love Yourself Before Loving Someone Else

week 3

feb 15 – 22

  • My Self Care and Mental Health Journey

week 4

feb 22 – 29

  • 10 of the best self care routines
  • Ways tobMake yourself Feel Instantly Happier (that won’t cost a penny)

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