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Kelly Clark Creator of Budding Joy

Kelly Clark is the brains behind the Love Myself 2020 challenge. She reached out for other bloggers specialising in Mental health & Self Care, asking if we’d be interesting in a self love collaboration.

Obviously we all said yes! Over the past month, we’ve worked tirelessly bringing Kelly’s vision to life!

Kelly is the Creator of Budding Joy where she writes about weightloss, mental health and what its really like to be in your 20’s! She doesn’t promise all the answers, but she does provide a companion to share in your successes and struggles with!

Content From Kelly

week 3

Feb 15 – 21

  • Finding Joy In Self Care
  • The Shapre Me: Self Love Edition

week 4

Feb 22 – 29

  • What Self Care Looks Like In The Hard Days
  • Closing out February: Love Myself 2020

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