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Love Myself 2020 Challenge

It’s February 2020, a month of love and romance! But this year i’ve teamed up with 5 other Bloggers to turn Valentine’s month on it’s head! Whether you’re single, have a girlfriend, boyfriend, husband or wife (or Other!) it’s time to make Valentine’s about YOUR self love & self care!

If you’re new to self care, you can get to grips with the basics here!

Too much of the time we focus on what me need to do for others, to maintain our lives and improve their happiness. Obviously we want to make those we care about feel happy, but Lesson No.1 – You are NOT responsible for anyone else’s happiness, except you’re own!

Let’s make February a month of prioritising ourselves! I can’t wait to connect with you all


‘LOVE MYSELF 2020’ came about as a collaboration started by Kelly, Creator of Budding Joy. She reached out to the blogging community to those of us passionate about Self Care, Self Love & Self Development!

Kelly wanted to shift the focus of the month of romance to that of Self Love. She wants to help guide women (and men!) through the difficult process of finding self love, confidence and balanced self care – as do we all!

5 Bloggers answered her call (You can meet them further down the page!) and see #LoveMyself2020 was born!

A month of Self Love focused Journalling prompts, Daily mantras & positive affirmations as well as daily posts from us all focusing on everything from dating to cooking to mental health and – of course – Self Care!

How Do I Take Part?

The best way is to follow us on Instragram; you can find all the info you need to connect to each blogger on the Meet the Bloggers Pages!

By connecting with us, you’ll be kept up to date daily with the journal prompts, blog posts and other fantastic resources – all in once place!

What are you waiting for? Join the challenge now by tagging us on Instagram in a post with the caption
‘I’m going to #LoveMyself2020 !’

If that doesn’t take your fancy, you can subscribe right here and receive a weekly roundup email of everything to do with the #LoveMyself2020 challenge all in one place!

We want to help as many people improve their self Love this February and have all worked our butts off to bring you the absolute best collection of Free Self Love & Self Care Resources we could!

There will be recipes, printable, playlists, positive affirmations and so much more! Make sure to follow our Stories each day for the Daily Journal prompt.

Just grab a notebook, notes app or the FREE Ebook created by Kelly and spend a few moments each day focusing on answering the journal prompt. We can’t wait to see how this helps you!

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