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Master Your Morning Routine In 5 Easy Steps

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If your house is anything like mine then mornings are hectic. You have a 1000 things you want to get done by 8AM and 9/10 you end up rushing out the door leaving a half drunk cup of coffee behind. It’s time for change don’t you think?

Having a solid Morning Routine is the way forward!

It can be daunting at first trying to figure out what you need to get done in the morning, what time you need to get up and even go to bed the night before!

With busy schedules and not enough time during the day, it’s easy to push something as ‘simple’ as planning your morning routine to the side.

I COMPLETELY understand. With 3 under 5’s I am constantly on the move during the day. Often my evenings end up herding the kids into bed and then collapsing on the sofa, absolutely shattered; unable to drag myself away from nothing particularly interesting on TV.


But here’s the truth we’ve all been ignoring at the back of our minds:

For Every Minute Spent Organising, An Hour Is Earned


Having a solid, dependable morning routine can make us feel good.

Not only will you feel more energised & productive after waking up, you’ll also end the day feeling more relaxed and satisfied. Rising before everyone else in the house also means I have time to mentally settle into being awake.

I’m better able to prepare for the day, feel happier and end up being more productive!


Being willing to make a positive change like rising early and making the effort to will potentially change your life! (You can read more about that in another post coming soon! )

However, taking that first step into creating a routine which works for you can be a challenge.

Which is why I’ve broken down my Morning Routine planning into 5 easy steps, so you can create your very own stress free mornings. Just imagine how you’ll feel starting each day with real intention and organisation.

Are you ready to Master Your Morning Routine?




If you haven’t heard of brainstorming before, it’s basically note taking maxed out.

It’s a process of letting your mind flow with all the information that’s bubbling around, and writing it down without judgment or order (don’t worry! we’ll organise your thoughts later).

When you’re ready to plan your morning routine (did you know I have a free workbook you can use?) grab your writing supplies and jot down everything that comes to mind when you think ‘morning routine’.

Don’t leave anything off, even if you think it seems really obvious.

Including the small tasks is the key here; everything should be noted down no matter how small.

I love using a notebook to brainstorm. I get a real sense of satisfaction from the visual aspect of a brainstorm! …No, just me? Okk.. moving on then!

Don’t worry if it’s messy or unorganised – we’ll come to that in a minute! The brainstorming step needs to allow you the freedom to just release all your thoughts onto the page!

Once you’ve cleared your head fo everything your want to get done in your morning routine, you can move on to step 2 with a clear head.


time allocation

When you are scheduling appointments, planning shopping trips, meetings or school runs, you have an idea – or an estimate – of how long these jobs will take you.

A place many people slip up with planning their routine is that they either underestimate how long a task takes or they don’t estimate time at all!

To make sure that you are really able to master your morning routine, estimating how long each item takes is vital.

Every second counts.

Once you’ve allocated some time to each item, you’ll have an idea of exactly how long it will take you to do everything you want to in the morning.

Including buffer time is essential as well. Often we underestimate not just how long a task takes us, but how fast we’ll be morning in the morning!

I don’t know about you but I’m quite groggy when I wake up so everything takes that little bit longer to do. I use the same brainstorm page and write times next to each item, totalling it all up at the bottom.

Your Day Is Pretty Much Formed By How You Spend Your First Hour.
Check Your Thoughts, Attitude & Heart


You might well find, like me, that once you’ve totalled up all of your morning routine ‘to dos’, you end up with a total estimated time of over 4 hours… Yikes!

Yes, seriously, that’s how long it would take me to do EVERYTHING I brainstormed.

As much as I’m up for getting up early and making the most of my day, this would mean I’d have to wake up about 3:30AM (more on that later). That’s a big NOPE from me!

Not to worrying though as this is where Step 3 comes in to our morning routine master plan!



When I first finished my list, it was looonggg. I needed to jig things about a bit. And I bet you do too!

It’s great being ambitious but A) We need sleep! and B) there’s only so many hours in the day!

In order to prioritise your list, start by highlighting items which are must dos, such as getting dressed, showering, eating breakfast.

By doing this first you should end up with a clear set of items you must to include in your routine as well as things you want to include in your routine.

Here’s how my list looks with my ‘must do’s’ in bold.

  • Brush Teeth – 2 mins
  • Yoga/Exercise – 30 mins
  • Shower – 15 mins
  • Check To Dos & Appointments – 2 mins
  • Skincare Routine – 15 mins
  • Hair Styling – 20 mins
  • Make Up – 15 mins
  • Get Dressed – 10 mins
  • Coffee – 10 mins
  • Breakfast – 10 mins
  • Read – 30 mins
  • Feed Pets – 5 mins
  • Blog – 30 mins
  • Morning chores – 15 mins
  • Check News – 5 mins
  • Kids Breakfast – 15 mins
  • Children Dressed – 20 mins
  • Make Lunches – 5 mins
  • Dinner Prep – 20 mins
  • Read with Fred – 15 mins

My ‘wants’ include reading, yoga, blow drying my hair & make up. They may well vary for you, but its entirely your choice what you class as a must and a want.

the best productive morning routine



You’re over half way there! I bet it’s not taking you half as long as you thought it would either.

The next step is taking your highlighted, but disjointed list of tasks and – you guessed it – organising them! This is where the real magic to master your morning routine appears, I think.

When ordering your list start by thinking in a logical progression. What would be the first thing you do when you get out of bed? Where do you head to first when you wake up?

For example, it would’d make sense to get dressed, work out and then shower.

Now I’ll admit, when it comes to my morning routine, I do try and fit as much in as possible before my kids wake up. That’s because I’m more productive in the mornings & evenings when I can really zone in and concentrate.

Don’t think yours has to be anything like mine. You might prefer to use your routine to focus on self care, blow drying your hair & making yourself feel amazing before starting the day.

Most days I go make up free and let my hair dry naturally. You’ll have your own items that you decide to ‘skip’ or de-prioritise too!


bundling & finalising

You might find, like I did, that you’re over-stretching yourself with the number of items on the list, and trust me no matter how well you master your morning routine, you can’t create new hours!

BUT! We can condense your routine down with a little trick I like to call bundling. In this step you identify similar items you can complete in a single step, reducing the overall time.

I bundled together coffee & breakfast as I tend to do these two together anyway. Don’t we all?! This one step saves me 15 minutes in the morning compared to if I did each thing individually.

After bundling similar items together in your routine, decide if there are any activities you could rotate – for example, one morning I read for 30 minutes, the next I do Yoga. (If you’re keeping track we’re up to 45 minutes saved already!)

Finally you need to decide which items can be delegated to another time during the day. Maybe you decide to shift your exercise to after work, or check your emails during your commute.

Whatever works for you is the real, simple secret for you to master your routine.

Here’s what mine looks like after bundling & delegating items to other times.

  • Brush Teeth – 2 mins
  • Yoga/Exercise OR Read – 30 mins
  • Shower – 15 mins
  • Check To Dos & Appointments – 2 mins
  • Skincare Routine – 15 mins
  • Hair Styling – 20 mins
  • Make Up – 15 mins
  • Get Dressed – 10 mins
  • Coffee & Breakfast plus ask Alexa for the Headlines– 10 mins
  • Feed Pets – 5 mins
  • Morning chores & Kids Breakfast – 15 mins
  • Children Dressed – 20 mins
  • Read with Fred – 15 mins

Going through all 5 simple steps helps me master my morning routine & order it logically in a way that works for me Play around with your list to find whats best for you!


In my downloadable morning routine workbook you’ll also find bonus tips on how to commit to your routine & ensure it becomes a habit that benefits you all the time; not just a one off practice you forget about like last years New Years Resolutions!

I’m a massive planner and the BIG BONUS for me of planning my morning routine in advance is I can then plan my evening & bedtime routine.

I know what time I need to get up so I can work out what time I need to sleep.

I know what i’ll be doing in the morning, so I can prepare the night before by laying out my clothes.

And that’s how you master your morning routine!

Remember however, that your routine isn’t there to be a burden, a dread or to create more pressure. As with everything I write about, it’s about empowering you in your life; to feel more in control & improve your wellbeing.

Why not try having duplicate routines – one for school days, one for weekends – if you’re feeling really organised?

Whatever your Morning Routine ends up being, remember that its all in YOUR control.

If you find after a few days that its not working for you, just go back and revise it. Have a look again at what you can shift til later in the day. Perhaps you need to re-address the time you wake up; or if you’re struggling to wake up in the morning, maybe you need to take some steps around your evening routine & how to get a good nights sleep.

I love hearing from you so why not drop me a comment letting me know how you get on with your routine!

Or you can share your progress on social media with #HIMATribe


  1. I’ve just done mine!! Only took me about half hour really from start to finish! Now to put it into action. Any tips on waking up earlier? <3

  2. I’m so excited by this!! I’ve been trying and failing for ages to workout my routine! Thank you thank you!!

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