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Morgan Tyner Creator of Chica Confident

Meet Morgan! She is a bundle of confidence and then some! Good job she runs Chica Confident where she share her years of experience in the blogging world with other bloggers, inspiring and advising them how to be successful along the way!

But Morgan is also passionate about self development, self care and – you guessed it! – Self Love! You can expect bundles of great resources and articles throughout February, plus the launch of her Chica Academy!

If you’re of an Entrepreneurial mind, Morgan is offering all of YOU a limited time off to join her comprehensive 6-week program to make the best out of the blogging world! You can read more about it here!

Content From Morgan

week 2

Feb 8 – 14

  • How Being Kind To Yourself & Loving Your Journey Will Allow You To Better Serve Others

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