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10 Really Useful Resources In The Ultimate Productivity Bundle

Disclaimer: This Post Contains Affiliate links. What that means for you is that when you follow my link and purchase from the website, I’ll be paid a small commission, at no cost to you.

Ok ok, so I’m been teasing for ages that I had something special to share with you all!
Here it is!! The Ultimate Productivity Bundle! I was so excited to get my hands on it. I’m a planner through and through and this bundle was right up my street.

Productivity and goal setting should be a part of all our lives, but if you’re not sure where to start or want some guidance in improve your current systems, this is for you.

If you haven’t heard of them, Ultimate Bundles work with awesome eBook and eCourse creators to sell huge digital packages and massively reduced prices!

PLEASE NOTE: This Bundle’s Sale Has Finished, But keep Your eyes Peeled On My Social Media For Future Releases!

What’s Included?

Are you ready? Cause I wasn’t.

There are *deep breath* 12 eBooks, 31 eCourses, 29 Workbooks & printable, 2 Membership Sites AND The option for Cheatsheet add ones!

You get ALL the products for an amazing discount of 97%, curated & organised beautifully by The Ultimate Bundles Team into 8 easy to navigate sections, allowing you the opportunity to pick and chose the most relevant products for you!

Handpicked for you are 84 curated resources covering:

  • Building Routines
  • Getting Organised
  • Goal Setting
  • Overcoming Obstacles
  • Planners woohoo!
  • Review & relect
  • Shifting Mindset
  • Time Management

Honestly if you want to kick start your productivity this year, this bundle is a fantastic place to start! I’ve spent the week testing out the resources as much as I could before sharing this review with you and well, I’m impressed!

Yes there are a few resources that won’t be relevant and you might not use, but if even just 2 or 3 of the resources help you get gain clarity, you could save big bucks.

I’ve picked out my favourites from each category to review more indepth below. If you want the full low down of every brilliant resource in the bundle just click here.

Ultimate Productivity Bundle 2020

10 Life Changing Resources In The Ultimate Productivity Bundle

If you’re already thinking ‘Wow Sam this bundle sounds right up my street, say no more!’ then you can click ‘buy now’ below to head straight over and make your purchase! Ultimate Bundles also offer a 30 day Happiness Guarantee for your peace of mind! It’s a win win!

Ultimate Productivity Bundle 2020

But I get that it can be daunting parting with money and not knowing what the quality is like which is why I’ve reviewed 1 or 2 products from each section of the bundle.. no not all, are you mad?! We’d be here all week!

These are the products I was most impressed by and think you should check out straight away after, well, checking out.

Let’s jump in shall we?


A Simple Cleaning Routine by Erin Tannehill RRP $12.00

This beautifully designed eBook has some fantastic pointers about not only cleaning your home but tidying too! It might sound straight forward but the magic behind Erin’s words really puts a new spin on things! She debunks misconceptions surrounding having a consistently clean home, provides strategies to shift your mindset & get your family involved too! What I love most are the simple rules she suggests which lead you to be more mindful day to day, instead of doing a mass deep clean each week.

Finally, possibly my favourite bit of the eBook, are Erin’s Natural Cleaning recipes, proving you don’t need an expensive brand – you can have a spotless home with things you have in your food cupboards right now! Yes, really!!

Habit Stacking: 127 Small changes to Improve Your Health, Wealth and happiness by Steve Scott RRP $3.99

This eBook is definitely worth more than the RRP in my opinion! Steve Scott is so thorough with his explanation as to the psychology behind habit stacking as well as the how to aspects. What I love most isn’t just that he provides a versatile list of 127 habits to stack (organised by type – oh how we love you Steve Scott! ) but that provides examples of his own routine as well as easy to follow rules & steps to create your own.

This is one of my MUST read recommendations for everyone!

Check out the full list of products for Building Routines!

Ultimate Productivity Bundle 2020

Getting Organised

The Get IT Together, Girl! System By Kristen Miller $27

Kristen Miller has outdone herself with this course. The system is easy and flexible, allowing you to plan your life without complicated rules that don’t fit your family. This approach will help so many women who are searching for guidance after feeling stuck with their currently organisation methods.

See includes a 22 page printable planner (fantastic to print as and when you need it!) , plus a digital version and 6 Bonuses for boosting your productivity & Meal planning.

Seriously… Just wow.

Check out the full list of products for Getting Organised!

Ultimate Productivity Bundle 2020

Goal Setting

Simply focused Workbook By Julianna Poplin RRP $27

I loved the simplicity of this workbook. Julianna Poplin has really hit the nail on the head when it comes to goal setting, with everything you could possibly need when layout out your goals for the year.

As well as the standard day/week/month worksheets she also includes a page for Gratitude, habit tracking & mission statements.

As this workbook is printable it also means you can reprint it as many times as you need. It will become a staple in your productivity files, for sure!

Quarterly Planning with Trello Masterclass By Cara Harvey RRP $19

Have you met Trello? If not you can start right here. It’s completely free to use so give it ago. I honestly believe it will up your organisation game!

Trello has completely revolutionised my planning and organisation over the past 6 months. Before I would have numerous notebooks and a physical planner jam packed with all my to dos. The most frustrating thing was having to shift things about – tippex anyone?.

Not with Trello! Now organisation is a breeze. And Cara’s quarterly planning course is the perfect place to start if you’re new! I wish I’d had this course when I first discovered Trello as it would’ve saved me so much time!

Check out the full list of products for Goal Setting!

Ultimate Productivity Bundle 2020

Overcoming Obstacles

Mind The Chatter: Master Your Inner Voice, Gain a Positive Mindset and Get Your Power Back! By Lise Cartwright $5.99

Lise & Neville will change your life. No joke. I love her honest approach to mindset. She shares how she overcame a negative mindset and guides you along the same path. She’s completely relatable and, to be honest, I just wanna be her best mate after reading this eBook!

Check out the full list of products for Getting Organised!

Ultimate Productivity Bundle 2020


Journaltastisch Planner: Get Your To-Do’s Under Control By Sandra Zint RRP $17

There are several planners included in the bundle to suit different tastes and needs, meaning regardless of how you like to plan there is something for you.

This was the one for me. I love digital bullet journalling but don’t have the time to create all the pages myself. Sandra’s planner solves that problem for me, providing me with every page I could possibly need for my Bullet Journaling joy!

Definitely worth a look!

Check out the full list of Planners!

Ultimate Productivity Bundle 2020

Review and Reflect

Quarter Life Crisis Workbook: A resource for Your Twenties by Gawoon Chung RRP $15

If your not in your Twenties, don’t be put off by the title! Gawoon’s thorough workbook is ideal for anyone who wants to assess and reset their mindset. The design is appealing & unobtrusive, questions detailed and thought provoking. She has a massive focus on the positives which I love as many reflective resources are geared towards ‘what you’ve done wrong!’. Not my cup of tea.

But Gawoon gets the balance just right, helping to guide you through self reflection and detailed on going goal setting.

Check out the full list of Review & Reflect Resources!

Ultimate Productivity Bundle 2020

Shifting Mindset

DrivenWoman Academy 3 Months Access By DrivenWoman (membership site) $75

The DrivenWoman Academy is simply an invaluable resource for any woman who is looking to improve their productivity and organise their life. As it’s a membership site, not only do you get guided materials for self discovery & development but also access to a huge community of like minded women.

This is one of those resources that you just want to squeeze every drop of value out of!

Check out the full list of Review & Reflect Resources!

Ultimate Productivity Bundle 2020

Time Management

Productivity Powerhouse By Sagan Morrow $200

Finally, my absolute favourite out of everything included in The Ultimate Productivity Bundle. When I think of a course, I expect it to be reasonably lengthy with lots of guidance, worksheets and light bulb moments. Sagan Morrow supplies just that – and more. The course itself is fantastic but her emails are invaluable. I’ve learned so much from her in terms of managing my business & time management.

Check out the full list of Time Management Resources!

Ultimate Productivity Bundle 2020

Is It Worth it?

The big takeaway here is that there is SO much value included in this bundle that it’s bursting at the seams. I picked out my personal favourite products that I learnt the most from and had techniques that I’ve implemented into my daily life. However, the variety of resources means that this bundle is suitable for ANYONE looking to boost their productivity.

I can’t believe just how well every angle of productivity has been covered to be honest. I still have lots to go through and there will be things I go back to over time.

As this sale has now finished I guess we’ll have to wait until next year to see what amazing resources will be included!

Did you buy The 2020 Ultimate Productivity Bundle?
Let me know in the comments what your favourite product was!

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