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Ruth Shaptner Creator of Colourful Hope

The lovely Ruth is a Mental Health blogger from good old Blighty! By day she works at the Edinburgh Woolen Mill, but in her spare time she writes online at Colourful Hope, a blog focused on de-stigmatising Mental Health

She talks openly about her own mental health journey whilst also imparting practical steps we can all take in our own self care, to make life a little bit easier!

Ruth is someone I relate really well to – she believes everything happens for a reason, is a firm believer in prioritising ourselves and our self care, and she’s blooming lovely! So Make sure to pop over to Colourful Hope and say Hello!

Throughout February and the Love Myself 2020 Challenge, Ruth will be bringing us Self love Affirmations, an insight into Dating with anxiety & practical tips on how to love and care for ourselves!

I’ll link all Ruth’s post here as and when they are published! In the meantime, you can connect with her on Social Media!

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