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9 Spectacular Self Care Gifts They Will Love This Christmas

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. What that means is that if you click through a link and make a purchase, I’ll receive a small commission at no cost to you. For full details see my Privacy Policy.

It has been on heck of a year, right? When the clock struck midnight on New Years Eve none of us had any clue what 2020 had in store. We have faced new and scary situations, lockdowns, changes to our behaviours and isolation from those that we love.

As the year draws to a close and we prepare for the season of giving, you’ve probably been racking your brains as to how to purchase your nearest and dearest something they will love & appreciate without having to do too much physical shopping. Enter Etsy! While Etsy have some amazing Christmas Gift Guides, including this one I’ve put together 9 of my favourite christmas Self care gifts that they are going to love this year.

Not only will all of these gifts support their own self care, something which is at the forefront of everyone’s minds right now, but they’ll also allow you to tick off your Christmas list without ever leaving the house (plus you’ll be supporting some awesome independent businesses too!)

Christmas Self Care Gifts to cover every area

If you’ve read my beginners guide to self care then you’ll already be clued up on the fact that taking care of our needs covers a lot of bases.

I feel like in 2020 we’ve become more aware of how different areas of our lives effect our wellbeing and mindset, which is why each of the items I’ve hand picked for this list support specific areas of self care.

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If you’re looking to create the perfect hamper stuffed with self care gifts but were unsure of what to include, then girl, I got you!

You could easily gift everything from this list and have peace of mind that your recipient would have their very own go to self care kit!

You could even take it one step further by gifting them a copy of my Self Care Sorted program, so they can quickly and easily learn how to fit self care into their day to day lives! – find out more about Self Care sorted Here.

Christmas Self Care Gifts – The List

Kindred Fires – Personalised Candle

Perfect As Spacial Self Care Gifts

First up is the gorgeous personalised Rainbow Candle from Kindred Fires. When it comes to self care gifts, candles are always top of my list. They fall into the spacial self care category, creating a relaxing and calming environment while also soothing the sense.

These self care gifts are made from natural soy wax – great for the environmentally friendly – and is available a variety of 12 scents. Natural soy wax candles have a lower melting point than paraffin wax, meaning your giftee will get to enjoy the delicious aromas of these self care gifts for longer.

But the real winner for me is the heartfelt personalisation of the label. With many of are separated from those that we love, you can send your loved one a comforting and uplifting note that they can read & appreciate every time they light it.

The apothecary style jar also makes the perfect keepsake for them to enjoy, reflect on and use to keep trinkets after the 25 hour burn time.

£16 (with option to upgrade to a hamper), Delivery time 6-7 days, Free Postage

Living Roots – Handwoven Throw Blanket

Perfect As Spacial or Physical Self Care Gifts

When I am in need of a dose of self care and recuperation, one of the first things I grab is my blanket. There is a comfort to wrapping ourselves up against the world.

So when I found this handwoven throw in a variety of colours I couldn’t not add it to the list. Being made form 100% cotton also means these self care gifts are incredibly soft & cosy – perfect from a wrapping up for an afternoon.

Your giftee will adore the sentiment behind this beautiful throw and love the design, which is neutral enough that it will fit in perfectly with most decors.

£24.57, Delivery 6-12 Days, Postage £3.12

And So They Made – Personalised Observer Style Journal

Perfect as Cognitive, Emotional Or Spiritual Self Care gifts

Journaling is near the top of my list when it comes to all time favourite self care ideas. It has so many benefits (you can read about some of them here), mainly as a simple yet effective way to clear the mind and process our thoughts.

Finding the perfect journal is hard so when I discovered this spectacular option from And So They Made, I was hooked!

I adore that they can be personalised in so many ways. Not only can you select a cover colour and page style of your choice from lined, dotted or plained, but there are 4 personalisation text areas as well.

Add the name of your giftee to the bottom of the spine, number the edition (allowing them to build a personalised collection over time), add a title or subject to spine and (my favourite bit!) a personalised block of text to the front.

I love that this could be anything from an inspiring quote, an in joke you share, a message of support or a bible verse – the world is your oyster!

Your giftee will adore the personal touches of these self care gifts and want to build an entire personalised collection – hey, gift ideas for next year too!

£12.95, Delivery 5-10 Days, Free Postage

Kristel Globe – Gua Sha Facial Massager

Perfect as Physical or Spiritual Self Care gifts

Over the past 3 years, Gua Sha (pronounced gwah-shah) massagers have rose in popularity despite the fact they have been used in China for generations.

Gua (scraping) is used to treat numerous issues and is based on the concept of promoting qi (chee) the balance and flow of the bodies energies.

I adore this Gua Sha facial massager which is used by applying gentle pressure and moving it across the skin, allowing you to work deeper into the muscles of the facial and release tensions.

The best quality ones are made from Jade or Rose Quartz and will also make any crystal lovers Christmas wishes come true!

It basically gives the face a mini workout, increasing circulation, oxygen and nutrients to the skin all of which leads to healthy glowing skin.

These tiny tools are ideal stocking fillers and self care gifts for anyone who loves skin care, qi and is looking for firmer, healthier skin. Their physical self care will be ticked off the list and they’ll look fab too!

£6.99, Delivery 5-7 Days, Free Postage

Safi Store – Aromatic Sandalwood Mala Beads

Perfect as Spiritual or Spacial Self Care Gifts

Mala beads are a yoga lover or spiritualists best friend; and they will love these ones in particular!

They are a type of prayer bead, often used in Buddhist or Hindu practices, that promote clarity, peace and an escape from the hustle & bustle of our busy world.

Handmade from Sandalwood, they can be worn as a necklace or wrapped around the wrist several times.

The sandalwood sent helps to heighten concentration and has a cooling, calming effect – perfect for a self care meditation.

And if you’re looking for a time saver, Safi Store also offer Gift Wrapping which would be perfect to spend directly to your giftee!

£15, Despatched in 1 Business Day, Free Postage

Cultural Roots – Singing Bowl

Perfect As Spiritual or Spacial Self Care Gifts

Singing bowls are something I’ve only recently discovered and I’m obsessed. I have plans to purchase all the sizes from Cultural Roots when we move house (and I finally have an office! yay!)

Singing bowls are essentially a type of bell that omits a rich, deep tone when they are played. There are two ways to use them; either gentle run the hammer around the outside of the bowl or strike it on the side to experience the different tones.

Long used by Tibetan monks for meditation practices, singing bowls promote relaxation and powerful healing as well as stress reduction and pain relief.

They make perfect self care gifts for Spiritual or Spacial self care, allowing deep relaxation during meditation and adding to the atmosphere of any room.

Cultural Roots have several different sizes available, which when used in rotation with each other, also activate and balance chakras.

£15.99, Delivery 5-7 Days, Free Postage

Emma Mumford Store – Law of Attraction Pencils

Perfect As Cognitive, Spiritual or Practical Self Care Gifts

I’ve become a bit of an avid follower of the Law of Attraction and believe that we really do manifest the things that are in our lives.

Though I struggle with religion generally, the idea of asking the universe for help, guidance or deliverance, and following that up with a dash of belief and a whole helping of action sits much better with me.

It might all sound a bit ‘Woo’ but I have experiences that have been…. unusually coincidental.

At the heart of manifestation is high vibe positivity, and these pencils will make perfect self care gifts for any lucky lady – whether they believe in the law of attraction or not.

With 5 positivity fuelled messages to chose from, you can create a gift that is sure to inspire and motivate your giftee throughout 2021!

Emma is currently also including a Free extra ‘Spirtual Queen’ pencil with every order due to a supplier miss spelling – I think the message still comes across though!

£2.20 Each, Delivery 5-8 days, £2.99 postage

Dotty And Bright – Positive Affirmation Cards

Perfect As Cognitive, Emotional or Spiritual Self Care Gifts

At the heart of any self care practice is mindset, and these affirmation cards are the perfect tool to create positivity and unblock any limiting beliefs.

I say it a lot but our thoughts create our feelings, so if we can shift our thought processes we can change our perception, and consequently, our reality.

This collection of Affirmation cards aren’t just uplifting to look at, they embody some of the best Affirmations I’ve come across.

Your giftee with love the flexibility of these affirmation cards – will they pick daily to practice intentionally, one a week or even put them all together in an affirmation wall.

Other suggestions include:

  • Add one in your planner as a reminder
  • Pin some to your inspiration board
  • Write down examples of how you enact that affirmation in your life
  • Make a wall collage with selected affirmations, and change – them every week
  • Choose a unique one each day, and rewrite it 10 times in different colors or styles
  • Stick one your mirror, look yourself in the eye, and say it aloud until it feels genuine
  • Gift this set to that special person in your life to inspire and motivate their efforts

With 28 affirmation cards in the set, your lucky loved one will be filled to the brim with positive thoughts in 2021 and will adore their self care gifts that just keep on giving

£15.99, Delivery 4-7 days, Postage £2.99

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Laurel Studio Design – 2021 Digital Planner

Perfect For Practical Self Care

Something a lot of people don’t realise is that organising your life, setting goals and planning ahead is self care. It’s the act of taking action to prevent future stresses – Practical self care.

I’ve talked about Laurel Studio Planner when I first made the switch to a digital planner. I adore her work as it is so precise and so flexible for the user. (You can read my full thoughts on digital planning here)

Giving the gift of a digital planner this Christmas is one of the most thoughtful things you could do.

Laurel Studio Digital Planners are completely customisable to the users needs, and she sells several different versions in her shop to cater to students, teachers and entrepreneurs too!

Your giftee will love the freedom and empowerment they’ll get from receiving their very own digital planner to smash 2021 with!

From £19.49, Delivered to your Inbox Immediately – You can then Digitally Gift The Files

Merry Christmas, Everyone!

Whatever self care gifts you decide to send this Christmas, hopefully this list has inspired you and opened your mind to the expansive practice of self care. With gifts in every price range and for every area of their lives, your loved ones will be talking about this spectacular gifts for years to come!

What gifts will you be giving this Christmas?

Let me know in the comments.

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