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My Honest Review Of The Ultimate Productivity Bundle

Ok ok, so I’m been teasing for ages that I had something special to share with you all! Here it is!! The Ultimate Productivity Bundle! I was so excited to get my hands on it. I’m a planner through and through and this bundle was right up my street.Productivity and goal setting should be a part of ... READ the POST

9 Easy Ways To Beat Lockdown Boredom

It feels mad to think we've been in a state of nationwide lockdown due to the outbreak of Covid19 for nearly 2 months. It's meant we’ve all had to find ways to tackle and juggle this new, strange lifestyle. Working from home, homeschooling a KS1 child and managing two preschoolers has definitely led ... READ the POST

3 Steps to Creating A Focused Self Care Routine

So you want more self care in your life! That’s great! But if you’re anything like me, you’re already juggling a to list as long as your arm and aren’t quite sure where self care fits into your day. This is where a self care routine (or several!) come into play. Having a focused, go to routine will ... READ the POST

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