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Skincare Tips That Are Life Changing

Just like the chicken and the egg question, I’m not sure which came first; my love for skincare, or passion for self-care. They are intertwined for me, you see. I think taking care of my skin was one of the first big steps towards revolutionising my personal self-care. It was a real chunk of ‘me time’ that felt special, indulgent & comforting.

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Some of you may be like me, obsessed by the skincare world & striving for flawless, glowing skin. Others, not so much. Both ends of the spectre – and every position in-between – are absolutely fine! Either way, there are things I’ve learned along the way that have been life changing for my skincare routine. Tips & tricks that now seem completely obvious, but which made a massive difference; and not just for me, but for a whole host of people!

So wherever you are on your skincare journey, hopefully you’ll pick up something new which will have a huge impact on your routine.



(aka washcloths/facecloths/washand/washrag depending on where you’re from)

skincare Essential Fluffy White Flannels

No I’m not being silly. This is absolutely, resoundingly the NO.1 thing my fellow skincare lovers comment on when we discuss what has made the biggest difference to our routines. I used to just use cotton pads to remove my cream cleanser, or I’d rinse my face with water if I was using a face wash. However, since I invested in a whole bunch of flannels my skincare game has gone through the ROOF!

There is something about using a flannel which nothing else can do; the comforting, fluffiness of a warm damp flannel. The exfoliation as you remove your cleanser. The satisfaction seeing all your make up on that bright white cloth! Oh yes!! AMAZING!

TOP TIP: don’t just buy one flannel and think that will do. Buy at least a weeks worth. Use one a day and wash them all together at the end of the week. No need to thank me, though I accept Lindor & skincare with thanks!


(aka using two cleansers, or the same cleanser twice)

I could spend the next half hour talking to your about cleansing your face properly. About all the different types of skincare cleansers there are out there, but that would a bit wasteful when the fantastic Caroline Hirons, Expert in her field & HUGE beauty leader does so wonderfully on her post HERE.

What I will say is that its my personal preference to use a balm first, followed by a creamier cleanser. The balm breaks down make up and my SPF (tough stuff! MAKE SURE you’re double cleansing if you’re wearing SPF. It’s literally designed to stick to your skin! More on that in a sec). The cream cleanser then guess what! Cleans my face! Ha! Simple.

Now if you’ve only got one cleanser right now thats fine. You can start off by cleansing twice with that in the evenings. Just ensure it’s not too stripping or drying. Avoid cleansers which contain SLS if you can, alcohol near the top of the ingredients list or cleansers which are foaming (if they foam because of a pump dispenser thats fine.).

Flash Back to Meet & Greet With The Queen in Cambridge AND Me being on the Telly With her! Eeekk!!

Oh and for the love of God! Ditch the face wipes, for your skins sake & the planets.

Wipes are for the 3 F’s ONLY.
Flights, Festivals & Fannies.

Caroline Hirons

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(yes, even in winter. And yes, even in the UK. If it’s daylight, there’s sun on your skin)

Don’t give me that look. Everyone should be wearing SPF all year round. For some reason, us Brits seem to have come under the impress that because we live in the UK skin cancer from the sun doesn’t happen.

It does people. 100%. Why increase your risk? Yes I’m being a bit heavy but there’s validity behind this for me. Both my Grandma and my Aunt have suffered their whole lives with pre-cancerous moles on their skin. My Aunt especially has had so many removed I have lost count.

And no, it’s not your SPF causing your spots. Most likely you’re not removing it properly. See Double Cleansing above.

Want to see just how Sunscreen protects you? Check out this AWESOME Youtube Video from Physics Girl!

A decent SPF will protect from UVB (burning rays which cause damage to the skin surface) and UVA (ageing rays which penetrate deeper int the epidermis).

Don’t rely on SPF in your moisturiser or foundation. In order to get the correct coverage, you need about a teaspoons worth on your face. Why not try putting on a teaspoon of foundation this afternoon to see JUST how much that is!
(PS. Please send photos).


With all the amazing products on offer or being released I Know how hard the FOMO is! But honestly, don’t fall for the hype. Trying products gradually, introducing one thing at a time into your skincare regime not only allows you to see what you do/don’t react with; it also provides your skin with some stability and consistence.

Think of your skincare as you would your diet & exercise regime. If you are yo-yoing, regularly flitting from one thing to another; not maintaining consistency with your exercise regime.

These things mean you don’t see the results you want because you’re not giving your body the time it needs to make a change.

The exact same can be said for your skin. It’s a bodily organ. It reacts to everything around us, protecting us while suffering the consequences instead. So give it a break and be gentle, as frustrating as that can be when you have a ba-zillion beautiful potions & lotions to use!

I found that once I had a beautiful, organised way to store my products, I was able to maintain the same, regular regime.

This exact make up organiser is what I purchased about 8 months ago & has been amazing for making sure my skincare is where I need it, when I need it. It will transform your beauty collection from a jumbled mess into a work of art!

Here’s an idea! If you’re a bit of an obsessive like me, you’ll most likely have a collection of products waiting to be used! Why not try a ‘No Buy’ month & shop your stash instead!

Skincare Extras That Could Make a Difference

Although those are my TOP 3 Skincare improvement tips, there are lots of bits and pieces that could work for you when added into your routine. I’ve listed them below and will (hopefully) go into more detail about them in the future on other posts.

Skincare Regime
Some of My Favourite Skincare Products

These are all things that I’ve gradually introduced over the past year into my regime and have made drastic differences to the appearance of my skin.

  • HYALURONIC ACIDnot terrifying, but GREAT for aiding hydration
  • SALICYLIC ACID penetrates pores to dissolve sebum (oil) that make spots
  • VITAMIN Cbrightens & evens skin tone plus protects from free radicals
  • RETINOL (vitamin A) – the ONLY clinically proven ingredient that can aid/reduce signs of ageing. Bit of a mine field however Indeed Labs/The Ordinary are great places to start.

You see. Skincare doesn’t have to be complicated. Wash Your face, with a flannel. Twice. Keep your routine simple & the same. Wear SPF. Bobs your Uncle.

What’s Your Favourite Part of Your Skincare Regime? Mines indulging in all the joyous lotions I think! Let me know in the comments!

Some of you may be like me, obsessed by the skincare world & striving for flawless, glowing skin. Others, not so much. Both ends of the spectre - and every position in-between - are absolutely fine!


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