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5 Easy Lifestyle Changes You Can Make Today

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As I'm getting older and heading towards the end of my 20's, I finally feel like I understand myself and life a bit better. Don't get excited thinking I have all the answers, but when it comes to taking care of myself hell yes I got that down! I took ownership of my life and made some lifestyle ... READ the POST

he key thing to remember with any change in life is to implement it slowly, gradually, going at your own pace. You don't have to start all of them right away but pick one and commit to it.

4 Podcasts That will Boost Your Positivity

This Post Contains Affiliate links. What that means for you is that when you follow my link and purchase from the website, I’ll be paid a small commission, at no cost to you.

It's probably only in the last 6-8 months that I've actually discovered the joy that is podcasts. I never really saw the buzz behind them before and had no desire to search out and listen. However, when Fearne Cotton launched her books Quiet & Calm last year, I searched out her podcast Happy ... READ the POST

I think the great thing for me with podcasts is that even when I'm on the go, I can be learning, inspiring or motivating myself. Yes, I could do that on my phone by reading or googling, but sometimes you just want and need to stop looking at a screen.

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