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27 Unique Etsy Christmas Gifts Everyone Will Love!

Christmas is fast approaching. Oh yes, we’re out of the woods on avoiding the ‘C’ word and can finally get excited – I’ve seen the Coca Cola advert so it’s ON! But now comes the stress of finding a gift that your loved ones will be over joyed to receive, rather than a last minute disaster! I’m loving all the unique Etsy Christmas gifts that are available for so many wonderful reasons.

Disclaimer: This Post Contains Affiliate links. What that means for you is that when you follow my link and purchase from the website, I’ll be paid a small commission, at no cost to you. For full details see my Disclaimer.

If you haven’t heard of Etsy yet you’ve been missing out! And BOY are you in for a treat! Etsy is a virtual marketplace where creators can sell their wares. They provide everything from Home furnishings and christmas decorations to unique jewellery & personalised clothing, bespoke art and prints – there’s literally nothing you can’t find! And that’s why this year I’ll be doing my Christmas shopping on Etsy!

They’ve even put together a complete Christmas Guide for you to get some inspiration! Plus, as they’re all individual sellers you know they’ll be doing a Happy Dance with every purchase made; I bet Amazon don’t do the jig when they sell a product!

As great as Etsy’s guide is, I wanted to create my own guide to what I think people will be loving this Christmas regardless of if they’re a tech head or a book worm! Plus don’t forget to check out the end of this post to see some of my favourite Wrapping Paper choices from Etsy this christmas!



Unique Techie Christmas Gifts
Controller & Headset holder.
Prices Start at £14.

We all know someone who’s a tech geek, whether its that they love to game or have the latest Tablet & accessories! I know we tick those boxes! But the biggest issue we have is how to store them without cluttering up the house!

This beautiful stand, handmade by Soap And Honey LTD is the perfect gift this Christmas to help your loved one store their prized tech goodies in a stylish way.

What I love most about this, and so many of the unique etsy christmas gifts, is that there’s more than one buying option. Whether you want it to hold, headphones only, 1 controller or 2! You can even chose to have it personalised with a message of your choice, the perfect special touch to really make your Tech Lovers christmas day!

And it doesn’t just have to be used for gaming! Your giftee could store their iPad or phone here as well! Multipurpose! LOVE IT!

Production takes 14 days & delivery takes 2-3 working days, so make sure to order soon if you want one of these in time to gift this christmas!



Last christmas, Mr HIMA bought me a Wooden Bath Caddy, and it is BY FAR one of my favourite gifts ever!

I love that everything I need while having a bath now has somewhere beautiful to live. I LOVE being able to have a glass of wine without worrying about it falling off the edge of the bath!

Mostly, I adore the fact that I can sit and read, or watch something on my iPad, completely hands free! It’s brilliant. It really adds something to my self care and baths.

This beautiful bath caddy is handmade by Luwa Woods in their Hertfordshire workshop. These are definitely unique etsy christmas gifts as each one is different, being made from the best natural solid wood. They are hand stained and sealed as well. Love it!

It takes 3-4 days for them to make the bath caddy and delivery is really quick too, so plenty of time to order in time for Christmas!


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We all have that friend or loved one who is obsessed – and really good at – something. For me it’s baking! I love to bake & love receiving gifts centred around that.

Etsy is full of unique Christmas gifts for the ones we love, just like this Etched casserole dish by Becky Broome. She makes whole range of personalised gifts, from glasses & mugs, personalised water bottles, vases, picture frames & home accessories. I think her products are wonderful!

I’d love to receive something as thoughtful as this. I think it really shows you pay attention to your gift, what they enjoy & what they’re good at. Plus its something they can always keep and treasure. It’s also a bit more special and unique than a plain boring dish! I know I’d be reaching for this all the time if it was mine!




Over our lives, a lot of gifts come and go. Then there are the really unique, special pieces we keep & cherish our entire lives.

I love this Dandelion Seed necklace by Cosmic Lens Jewellery. Handmade in Manchester, this beautiful piece is easy to fall in love with and suits all styles! Kaja, who owns Cosmic Lens Jewellery, puts love and care into everything she makes, including memorial jewellery. Have you lost someone you love? She can create you a bespoke piece with their ashes or hair to cherish forever.

Be quick to order, as Kaja is only taking UK Christmas orders until December 8th, to guarantee delivery



Unique Children's Christmas Gift

I think this is one area where Etsy really excels. Our kids are so often bombarded with the same plastic toys they see advertised on TV, that its hard to find something unique they can enjoy and keep.

This beautiful music table is personalised by Raven Skull Magic and will light up any childs face come Christmas Morning! Made just for you

Be quick to order, as Kaja is only taking UK Christmas orders until December 8th, to guarantee delivery



Mindfulness is massively important to me & in my day to day life. I’ve found being Mindful helps me be more present, helps calm me & improves my general wellbeing. It’s an all round great thing to do!

So when I saw this gorgeous Mindfulness Print I just couldn’t help myself! Made by printMEME its a lovely addition to your loved ones home but more than that, it helps guide you (or them) through the processes of being Mindful, in a simple straightforward way!

It’s also fantastic for helping to teach children how better to understand and cope with their emotions!

Be aware! They do ship from the US so if you fancy one order fast to make sure it’s here in time for Christmas! They also offer Free UK Delivery (woohoo!)



I find teachers are sometimes the hardest people to buy for. You want them to feel appreciated but aren’t overly familiar with them; and you don’t want to spend a fortune either!

That’s why a beautiful printed bag like this one by Oliver & Olivia is perfect! Personal, with a lovely message, any teacher will be touched to receive such a thoughtful gift!

Plus you’re encouraging sustainability with it being a Tote bag! #Justsaying

Be aware! They do ship from the US But shipping seems pretty fast. If you LOVE it be prepared to pay a bit extra for postage!


Hopefully that’s you, dear reader, filled with wonderful gifting inspiration! I know I am. To be honest, I really can’t wait to get some beautiful unique Etsy christmas gifts this year! I think everyone will absolutely love them!

What are you hoping for this christmas? And what will you be giving? Let me know in the comments!

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This post was written in Affliation with Etsy. That means when you make a purchase through a link on this page, I earn a small commission at no extra cost for you. For full details, see my disclaimer. Thank you for supporting.


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