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10 Exciting Valentine’s Day Ideas for Parents

Being a parent is one of the greatest things I’ve ever done. My kids fill me with so much joy (and despair, at times!). But becoming a parent also changes the relationship you have with your partner. Suddenly, the focus shifts from the two of you, to all of you. That can make celebrating romantic occasions like Valentine’s Day difficult for Parents.

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I know, with 3 under 6’s running around, we often forget to pay each other enough attention. We will postpone time ‘just us’ because we’re knackered from the daily grind, or have other priorities that need checking off the list.

Does that sound familiar? It does? Phew! I’m not alone!

Over the last month, I’ve been trying really hard to pin down my Self Care routine, ensuring I’m balancing all of the 7 Areas of Self Care. I’ve actually teamed up with 5 other fantastic bloggers to make the month of February a month of Self Love & Self Discovery!

You can join the challenge by subscribing below searching the hashtag #LoveMyself2020 on Instagram!

As part of the challenge (which you can read all about here) , this Valentine’s Day, I’m focusing on my relationships; how I can maintain and nurture them. Relationships, whether romantic or otherwise, take work and commitment. Sometimes when we have a 1000 other priorities we neglect them.

Instead of stressing that this Valentine’s Day you can’t go out and have a romantic meal, or spend the evening with your partner, I’ve put together this list of some of my favourite romantic dates for parents. Some involve the children. Some are just for you guys.

All of them are designed to ensure you have a relaxed, romantic Valentine’s Day in 2020!

1. Recreate your First Date.

How long have you been together?

Can you remember how you first met; where were you, what were you doing, what was the whether like?

The first proper ‘date’ I remember for MR.HIMA and I was on the seafront in my hometown. We wandered slowly through the arcades, talking and laughing non stop. We rode the BIG ferris wheel, taking in the surroundings at the top. We cuddled close on the ferris wheel as it began to rain, then took shelter til the rain stopped. It was a really magical day that I can remember vividly.

Your first date was the beginning of your story, your family. So why not take your kids back to where it all began. Retell and relive the day together.

They’ll love hearing all about it, and you guys will feel reconnected as you reminisce & remember how you felt at the start. For parents, this is a no brainer easy and exciting date that you’ll remember – and the kids will too!

2. Play Hooky and spend Valentine’s Day together

Yes, just this once I’m condoning skipping work! This Valentine’s Day Call in sick, switch off your phones and do something you’ve both really wanted to do for ages. It can be difficult for parents to find the time to spend together, so just this once put everything else aside.

Visiting An Art Gallery, Couple sat on a white bench in a white room, looking at a painting.

Visit a new art exhibition, go hiking, take a class together (Pottery can be really sensual and romantic… just saying!) – Do something for yourselves. Make some new Valentine’s Day memories that are just yours.

3. Write love letters to each other to give throughout Valentine’s Day

Letter writing is definitely a dying art form, and this Valentine’s Day idea for parents is two fold.

Putting everything you love and enjoy about a person, your relationship & life together on paper will make them feel incredibly appreciated and loved.

Fountain Pen laid on Letter next to purple flowers

You can then easily repeat this each year, adding the letters to a special box or place. Over time you can reread them and reminisce, letting the emotions flow and love re-bloom each time.

But as well as this, it is something wonderful for parents to share with their children as they get older. Something that you can hand down to them and your grandchildren. A piece of history & family, filled with love that they can cherish forever.

4. Make a Valentine’s Day fort with the kids

Hear me out!

Kids LOVE building forts. Grab all the blankets & pillows you can and make the biggest, cosiest fort you can. Have fun, laugh and be in the moment.

Then, once they’ve gone to bed, you guys have the perfect romantic space to do the things you love together. MR.HIMA and I love watching series together on Netflix, playing Video games, or card games together. Having a private, cosy, romantic space is perfect for parents to reconnect this Valentine’s Day!

It’s a win win! Knacker the kids out for the evening, grab the wine and relax in a romantic space!

5. Theme Your evening around Valentine’s Day

Go all out with this one! Theme your evening entirely around Valentine’s Day colours and decor! Decorate with valentine’s day themed decorations (you could even get the kids to help you make them!).

Valentine's Day themed food, cut strawberries on a wooden chopping board

Have red & pink or heart shaped foods during a romantic dinner to candlelight and soft music. Drink Rose or red wine. Leave love notes under your napkins for a sweet surprise. Then after dinner, continue with your valentine’s playlist and dance together. Enjoy being with each other without tech or interruption.

6. Relive your life through photos

After the kids are asleep grab the wine, photos and albums. Sift through them pausing to reminisce about moments throughout your life together.

Not only will you have some laughs and probably come across memories you’d forgot about, it gives you both the chance to reconnect and allow the romance to flow. You’ll be reminded just how far you’ve come throughout your life together, and exactly why you love each other.

7. Pretend there’s a power cut

Stay with me. I know pretending you have no power may not be the thing that jumps to your mind when I say ‘Valentine’s Day’ but for parents, this can be an important opportunity to slow down away from technology and just be together.

Lighting Candles By a window

I often get (lovingly) told off for being to connected to my phone, and I think its something we all do. Social media is so accessible that it can be hard to step away, but believe me when I say the world will not end if you switch your phone off for an evening.

Candlelight is incredibly romantic so fill the room with as many candles as you can, grab blankets and just be together. Cuddle, talk, *cough* whatever you like! Enjoy an evening without any distractions, entirely devoted to each other (if the kids stay asleep!)

8. Host a Valentine’s Day Game Night For Parents & Kids

There are two ways you can put other parents to good use! Invite them over for a couples evening. Bring the kids and get them involved with each other, playing games, reading or watching films. Meanwhile, the adults can relax with a glass of wine, good food, company and board games!

I love a good board game but they generally only come out at Christmas when there’s enough people about to join in! Don’t make that excuse. Get your friends over for a valentine’s day themed game night!

The other option is to swap babysitting duties with them! We all know that babysitters cost an absolute fortune – and how do you chose!? How do you know for sure that your kids will behave and you won’t come home to the babysitter comatose in your kitchen?

That’s how I feel anyway! And if you feel the same, arrange a swap with some friends. You guys babysit their kids while they go out, then next time you swap, and get (probably) a long needed night out with your lover to de-stress. Just try not to talk about the kids over dinner… Trust me.. I know thats the hardest bit!

9. Ask Each Other Powerful Questions

In the beginning of relationships, we really delve into a person. We try to get to know everything about them. Overtime though, we take for granted the complexity of a person’s mind, and the life that came before us.

This Valentine’s Day, ask each other some really powerful questions – these 20 thought provoking questions from Thought Catalog are great! Not only is this a fun and engaging activity to do on Valentine’s Day. Its something simply you can carry forward into your relationship to maintain a meaningful connection.

10. Did someone say Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt?

There are so many ways you could do this! With the kids, without them. At home, out and about. A Tour around your home town or maybe lead them to meaningful locations.

It’s entirely up to you! Lead them to a special place where you’ll be waiting (gift not necessary if you’re on a budget) and you’ll have a memorable valentine’s day to look back on!

So just because it’s valentines day – and you have kids – don’t think you are stuck and have to miss out on the romance. There are so many things you can do together that don’t involve a restaurant! I hope you’ve gained some inspiration and excitement for that special day!

Which idea was your favourite? Will you be planning one of these dates for Valentine’s day, or maybe throughout the year? Let me know in the comments!



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